How to Sell a Broken Phone at EcoATM

by Editor - 23 August 2021

  What is ecoATM? Well, do you remember those supermarket coin machines that can take a jar of dimes and nickels then return paper money? The ecoATM system operates on the same concept. You give it your old or broken phone (it also accepts tablets and MP3 players), then the kiosk calculates its worth...

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Things Most People Don’t Know About Automotive Service Technicians

Automotive Service Technicians

If you are looking for auto mechanic jobs, here are some things you should know. Automotive technicians must be good communicators and know how to use specialized equipment. It would help if you were resourceful and knew how to use reliable sources of information. You must also have the ability to take apart engines to diagnose problems. Mechanics’ ability to spot a problem before it becomes...

PC & Internet

What Are the Best Features of an Email Security Gateway?

Looking for the best email security gateway? A good email security gateway should be able to monitor email messages for malicious content and block sensitive data. This product will also integrate with other security tools and monitor email messages for inappropriate content. There are five standard criteria used by companies when evaluating email security gateways. In addition, organizations should...


Customer Service Approaches To Win Over Your Shoppers

Customer Service

Business is a competitive field. Places sell similar products or services, and it’s hard to fluctuate too much on price. The baseline costs are usually roughly the same. Often what distinguishes one establishment from another is treatment. Customer service is a major factor, leading to the final decision of which company gets the sale. Don’t underestimate how you approach others. It’s...


The Top XBOX One Accessories That You Need


When Microsoft announced plans for the XBOX One, fans reacted negatively because the company required a constant internet connection to use that console. It quickly changed its plans and now lets you play your favorite games without being online. You’ll find dozens of titles available, including all the first-person shooters and role-playing games that you love. Depending on what games you...


3 Popular Devices That Depend on a PCB

Smart Phones and Watches

When we think about printed circuit boards, most of us think of the tiny green rectangular boards that have minute parts attached to them. And while this is correct, they don’t have to be small green rectangles. In fact, they can also come in a range of other sizes, shapes and colors too. Printed circuit boards are used to connect electronic components together. They are built with a range of materials...


The Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring

What are the benefits of remote patient monitoring? Here are a few: Empowering patients to be accountable for their health, reducing doctor’s office visits, and making healthcare more accessible. Moreover, telehealth solutions can be easily adapted to any healthcare environment, including hospitals or clinics. So, what are the advantages of remote patient monitoring? Keep reading to find out...


Ways to Get an Ideal Internet Service Provider

Internet Service Provider

Nowadays, internet accessibility is becoming a necessity rather than a luxury as seen in the past. The internet serves various functions in day-to-day operations. Many sectors are dependent on internet services, hence the need to settle for an ideal and reliable internet service provider. When seeking internet service for nonprofit organizations or any other application, ensure you get a convenient...


4 High-Tech Safety & Survival Gear Items that All Pilots Need

4 High-Tech Safety & Survival Gear Items that All Pilots Need

Disruptive ride-sharing company Uber is planning on literally elevating its business model, by taking its taxi service to the skies over Dubai and Dallas by 2020. And while there is quite a bit of regulatory and technological ground to cover between now and then — who knows what licensing will look like or how to avoid traffic jams in the ether — it is really only a matter of time before cabs...


Understanding the Methods of Well Intervention

Methods of Well Intervention

There are many things involved in drilling a well to access the resource that is trying to be reached. The services that are provided for wells in operation are considered to be well intervention services. These particular lines of services allow for the well to be highly productive for many years to come. If you are looking for offshore well intervention companies services, PRT Offshore will have...


Maritime law and maritime attorneys

Maritime law

Maritime law covers a wide range of injuries that occur at or near the sea. However, some damages are not catered for under marine law. Before seeking the services of a maritime lawyer, it’s essential to know whether you have a case that falls under maritime law. Just because you got an injury at or near the sea doesn’t mean you have a maritime case. Who is a maritime lawyer? A maritime...