SwitchBot S10: Smart Cleaning Robot for Floor Care

Posted on Sep 3 2023 - 2:48pm by Maria Campos
SwitchBot S10 Smart Cleaning Robot

Berlin, IFA 2023 – SwitchBot has unveiled its latest innovation, the S10 cleaning robot, offering a versatile solution for keeping your floors clean. With 6,500pa of suction power and a groundbreaking auto-emptying feature, the S10 is designed to streamline the cleaning process and provide an effortless cleaning experience.

SwitchBot S10 Integrated Plumbing for Ultimate Convenience

One of the standout features of the S10 is its AI integration with your home’s plumbing system. This innovative robot can be easily adapted to your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room plumbing within minutes. By connecting to your water supply, the S10 autonomously refills its water tank as needed and efficiently drains it after completing the cleaning task. This eliminates the need for manual water refilling and emptying, making it a truly hands-free cleaning solution.

SwitchBot S10 Water Station with Versatile Compatibility

The S10’s Water Station features a water inlet pipe that can be connected to any water source or faucet in your home. For those with unique plumbing systems, SwitchBot offers retrofit accessories to ensure seamless compatibility. This flexibility ensures that the S10 can be integrated into a wide range of homes.

SwitchBot S10 L ow-Maintenance Cleaning Companion

Maintenance with the S10 is minimal and hassle-free. It comes equipped with a self-cleaning roller mop, reducing the need for user intervention. Approximately every 70 days, users may need to empty the dust bag, making upkeep straightforward. The S10 utilizes LiDAR technology and AI for efficient navigation within your home, avoiding obstacles and safeguarding your floors with its gentle bristle design.

SwitchBot’s Foray into Cleaning Robotics

SwitchBot, renowned for its smart home products, is making a significant move into the competitive cleaning robot market with the S10. This all-in-one cleaning solution aims to simplify and elevate the floor cleaning experience, combining powerful vacuuming and automated mopping.

Kickstarter Launch and Companion Humidifier

The S10 is set to launch on Kickstarter on October 13, with an initial price of $1,200. SwitchBot is also working on a companion humidifier that seamlessly integrates with the S10. This additional feature enhances the S10’s capabilities, making it a comprehensive home cleaning and maintenance tool.

Experience the future of cleaning with SwitchBot’s S10, where innovation meets convenience for a cleaner, hassle-free home.