Renogy Phoenix Solar Generator Is Designed As An All-In-One Portable Power Solution

Posted on Jul 10 2017 - 9:47pm by Daniel Fisher

The Renogy Phoenix is unveiled as a sun-powered generator that is in shape in a convey-pleasant suitcase length. This device appears quite like a briefcase from the outside – no longer a preferred-looking suitcase, mind you, but a briefcase despite the fact that. Interior it has an array of solar panels, and on its aspect it has a collection of ports thru which strength can drift to the person’s gadgets.

The Renogy Phoenix solar generator is designed a portable strength answer combining 20 watts of solar panels, a sixteen Ah lithium-ion battery, and a pure sine wave 150W AC inverter into a unmarried briefcase-sized unit (16.24” x 11.95” x 3.94”) weighing in at simply 12.8 pounds. The ‘briefcase’ opens as much as set up the 2 10W sun panels for charging the inner battery, or may be used within the closed role after charging to simply get right of entry to the 110V AC (the same old present day available from domestic and workplace outlets), the unmarried 12V 12.5A (vehicle cigarette lighter format) port, the double 12V 3A ports, or the 4 USB 5V 2.4A ports.

According to Renogy, this device runs with “100 percent clean strength” and has no need of protection in anyway. In addition to its potential to be charged up through the solar, this briefcase may be filled with electricity by way of a widespread 120v outlet or an automobile 12v lighter outlet. Internally, this briefcase is 16 Ah potential for power – that is 16,000 mAh. The iPhone 7, for evaluation, has a battery that is 1,960 mAh – so we will be able to price that device up quite some instances.

The small shape element of this solar charger makes it a very good match for not most effective off-grid tours and events such as picnics or tailgating, but also as an detail of an emergency preparedness package, where it can function a micro strength plant within the occasion of a blackout or natural disaster. The Renogy Phoenix solar generator is to be had completely thru Amazon, where it’s miles presently priced at $588 (full retail charge is $699), and greater data is to be had at