Mercedes-Benz Reports Strong Q1 2023 Sales

Posted on Apr 12 2023 - 11:31am by Maria Campos
Mercedes-Benz Reports Q1 2023 Sales

Mercedes-Benz Cars, a division of the German automaker Mercedes-Benz Group AG, has reported a successful Q1 2023, with sales reaching 503,500 units, up 3% compared to the same period in the previous year. Despite ongoing supply chain disruptions, economic headwinds, and geopolitical uncertainty, the company managed to achieve solid sales figures.

Top-End and Battery Electric Vehicle Sales Rose by 18% and 89%, Respectively

Mercedes-Benz Cars’ Top-End and battery electric vehicle (BEV) sales rose by 18% and 89%, respectively. The G-Class, Mercedes-AMG, Mercedes-Maybach, and Entry segment electric vehicles performed particularly well. The Top-End segment sales of Mercedes-Benz increased to 91,800 units (+18%). Mercedes-AMG sales increased by 44% to 40,300 units, based on new vehicle launches and a strong performance in the SUV segment. Demand for the G-Class remains consistently high with sales up 23% to 10,200 units in the first quarter. Mercedes-Maybach saw 6,700 units sold (+8%) driven mainly by Mercedes-Maybach GLS (+46%). The all-electric EQS SUV had a promising market launch with 5,500 units sold.

Sales in the Core Segment Reached 248,400 Units (-11%)

Sales in the Core segment reached 248,400 units (-11%) impacted by model changeovers for the top-selling GLC and E-Class. The new GLC SUV launched in Europe and will be gradually introduced in other regions in the upcoming months alongside the new GLC Coupé. Sales of the C-Class rose by one third to 80,800 units (+34%), while the E-Class reached 73,300 units (-6%). The fully electric EQE Sedan attracted 9,400 new customers in Q1. Sales of the GLE amounted to 48,800 units (-5%).

Sales in the Entry Segment Grew by 27% to 163,300 Units

Sales in the Entry segment grew by 27% to 163,300 units in the first quarter, driven by the GLB, which saw sales reach 37,500 (+52%), the GLA with 34,500 units (+25%), and 11,200 units of the all-electric versions EQB (+189%) as well as the EQA, which sold 10,800 units (+64%).

Battery Electric Vehicle Sales Rose to 51,600 Units (+89%)

Battery electric vehicle sales rose to 51,600 units (+89%) in the first quarter, reaching 10% of overall sales, up from 6% in the year-earlier period. Furthermore, plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) sales also increased in the first quarter, with 53,200 units sold (+131%), making up 10% of overall sales. Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars saw a significant increase in PHEV sales, with the E-Class PHEV being the most popular model, followed by the GLC and A-Class PHEVs.

Europe and China Remain Strong Markets for Mercedes-Benz Electric Vehicles

In terms of regional sales, Europe remained the largest market for Mercedes-Benz electric vehicles, with 43,300 units sold (+102%), followed by China with 12,400 units (+177%). The United States also saw a significant increase in sales, with 7,300 units sold (+93%).

Mercedes-Benz to Expand its Electric Vehicle Lineup

Mercedes-Benz plans to launch several more electric models in the coming years, including the EQE and EQS luxury sedans and the EQG electric SUV.