Riot Games Celebrates Día de los Muertos

Posted on Sep 28 2023 - 4:03am by Maria Campos
Riot Games Celebrates Día de los Muertos

Riot Games is set to honor the Mexican holiday, Día de los Muertos, with a vibrant release of League of Legends skins. These new cosmetics aim to bring a touch of radiance to Summoner’s Rift while paying tribute to departed loved ones.

Embracing Tradition: La Ilusión Skins

Six champions will don the new La Ilusión skins in League of Legends. This exquisite collection includes Qiyana, Nidalee, Gnar, Draven, Ziggs, and Renata Glasc. Renata Glasc, in particular, will have an exclusive Prestige version featuring a lavish gold and white design.

A Tapestry of Cultural Elements

The La Ilusión skins draw inspiration from the traditional attire and decorations associated with Día de los Muertos. Expect to see vibrant hues of red and blue illuminating the champions. Additionally, these designs incorporate iconic symbols from the holiday, including the marigold flowers that adorn the “ofrendas,” or altars, dedicated to departed souls.

Release Date and Patch Details

The eagerly awaited La Ilusión skins are scheduled to make their debut in Patch 13.19, slated to hit live servers on Wednesday, Sept. 27. Players can look forward to an array of captivating options:

  • La Ilusión Draven (1,350 RP)
  • La Ilusión Gnar (1,350 RP)
  • La Ilusión Nidalee (1,350 RP)
  • La Ilusión Qiyana (1,350 RP)
  • La Ilusión Renata Glasc (1,350 RP)
  • Prestige La Ilusión Renata Glasc (125 Mythic Essence)
  • La Ilusión Ziggs (1,350 RP)

League of Legends enthusiasts can anticipate a visual spectacle that not only adds flair to the game but also pays homage to a cherished cultural celebration.