VivoWatch By Asus With Advanced Characteristics

by Matt Holtzen - 30 August 2015

The Asus VivoWatch is fun to use and comes with great battery life but lacks amazing characteristics. The latest wearable from Asus looks like a watch, but is really more of a fitness tracker. It is also compatible with iPhones for the first time, because unlike the previous Asus ZenWatch, it does not use...

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Choosing A Small City Car, What Are Your Options?

MINI Cooper S

The small, urban, city car market has exploded in the last ten years. Drivers are desperate for nippy, practical, and highly economical cars to run around town. It’s a tough balance to find and there are only a few real standouts in a class of average cars. The difficulty is balancing the priorities while delivering everything at a budget price. City cars are supposed to be affordable and cheap...

PC & Internet

5 Things Your E-Commerce Business Needs From A Web Host


If you are running an ecommerce site, then choosing the right web host is of paramount importance. Every web host will have different services available. To ensure your site runs smoothly, you should do your best to choose a company that offers a number of ‘must-haves’. Read on to find out what they are in our guide to essential web host services for ecommerce businesses. The Right Server...


Innovative Entertainment Solutions for the Home


If you’re thinking about how technology can improve your home entertainment, here are some ideas for you. Home Cinema Systems It’s becoming much simpler to watch great films in HD from our homes. Many will argue that it is impossible to truly recreate the cinema experience in your home. And that might be true – unless you have an incredibly huge home. But modern home cinema systems are...


Destiny The Taken King – Expansion Pack


The Taken King is the following DLC (downloadable content) of Destiny game (MMO). The Taken King promises to offer a ton of extra content, including larger playable areas and what developer Bungie is describing as a “full campaign.” When Destiny launched it became, for some, the subscription-free MMO that you did npt realize you needed in your life. Story The Vanguard realizes that they...


Antec VPF 650W Power Supply – Brilliant Capacity


New VPF units with 80 PLUS Bronze efficiency and 350 to 650W capacities at this year’s Computex. Antec’s latest effort targets the average user who wants a budget-oriented PSU that’s reliable and geared toward a mid-range system. Company representatives let us know they decided not to use the VPF nomenclature in the U.S. market. The older VPF series carried a plain 80 PLUS certification,...


How Mobile Technology is Improving Healthcare


Medical product design is a dynamic field that is constantly evolving and changing for the better. Thanks to improvements that are made by researchers, medical professionals, and scientists every single day, there is always new technology to look forward to that will help you maintain or regain your health. And mobile technology, in particular, has definitely made quite an impact in the healthcare...


The Best Business Internet Solutions for Business Internet Phones

Business VoIP & PBX

On the surface, it may appear that the variety of Internet connection options offered by ISPs (Internet service providers) are virtually all the same, however, there are important differences between them, which can significantly impact call quality, for the business Internet phones that your company uses. Organizations typically choose one of the following four Internet connection types to run their...


Moon’s Atmosphere Has Neon Confirms By NASA’s LADEE


NASA’s LADEE ran out of fuel and crashed into the lunar surface in 2014, but not before it collected the data needed to answer some decades-old questions about the moon. One of those is confirming that our natural satellite’s atmosphere contains neon the same gas used to light up signs in Vegas. Astronomers have been speculating about its presence since the Apollo missions LADEE’s...


Malibu Boats Introduces The All-New Wakesetter 22 VLX

2015 Malibu Boats Wakesetter 22 VLX

A completely new boat from the hull up, the 2015 Malibu Wakesetter 22 VLX is a total redesign of the previous 21 VLX model. This 22-foot model features a new running surface designed to deliver perfect wakes and waves for wakeboarding and wakesurfing. With Malibu’s amazing new Command Center, featuring the 12-inch MaliView and seven-inch MTC touchscreens, total control of everything is at your...