Connecting Devices and Things: Bluetooth Technology Basics for Today’s Consumers

Bluetooth technology to connect devices
by Editor - 20 September 2016

Many people use Bluetooth technology to connect devices in their car, home and office. It is one of the most popular and prevalent technologies of the 21 century. Unfortunately, many people don’t know anything about Bluetooth beyond how to use it. Bluetooth is a fascinating and helpful technology that...

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Honda Introduces All-new CBR250RR Sports Model in Indonesia

All-New Honda CBR250RR

Honda’s joint venture company in Indonesia for motorcycle production and sales introduced the new sports model motorcycle, an all-new 250cc CBR250RR with a sporty body design and enhanced performance. The 250cc CBR250RR will be assembled in its biggest market of Indonesia, this is the largest displacement Honda motorcycle to be produced in the country. The global leading company Honda decides...

PC & Internet

MSI Released Aegis Series With A Barebones System


Earlier this year, the MSI introduced its Aegis line of barebones systems and Now, it has upped the ante again with the Aegis Ti, that features upgrades like a custom Intel Z170 motherboard, support for two-way NVIDIA SLI, an 850 watt Platinum PSU and liquid cooling for the CPU. It has a higher memory capacity than its predecessors, with support for up to 64 gigabyte (4 x 16 gigabyte) of SO-DIMM...


Sky Released Now TV Smart Box, Great Interface And Affordable


Sky launched its first Now TV Box, providing an easy way to add Smart TV functionality to any television. With this market now becoming crowded, the new Now TV Smart Box aims to help Now TV get ahead of the competition. Two areas of the box have been focused on the user interface and it’s channel capabilities. Updates to both compliment each other and are all contained within the stylish, slim,...


Why Xbox One S is better than PS4 Pro

Xbox One S

For the video games and the people who love playing them, 2016’s 4th quarter holiday season is the first since 2013 wherein brand new video game consoles are presented. Are you conflicted which console to buy in the coming months with your bonus? Raring to tell your friends or family which one to give you? I’ll give it to you straight – choose the Xbox One S! And we’re giving you a couple...


ECOXGEAR Launched Its Latest EcoBoulder Speaker


ECOXGEAR released its ‘biggest sound of music’ with the latest EcoBoulder. The EcoBoulder is an outdoor speaker with versatility and sound to match its name and appearance. The EcoBoulder claims 100 watts of power and doubles as a PA sys, all while keeping the same rugged build that comes part and parcel with all of the brand’s products. The EcoBoulder adheres to the IP67 international dustproof...


Don’t Make These Mistakes When Picking a VoIP Provider

VoIP Provider

Businesses and consumers are ditching the traditional telephone landline in droves, and trading up to VoIP systems. Voice Over Internet Protocol services usually confer all the usual perks of having a landline with dozens of benefits. These include costs savings, some as high as 70%, providing the opportunity for telecommuting, and even improving access to call analytics. As a matter of fact, it’s...


Impressive Flight Technologies That Improve Aviation Safety

Swiss Saab 2000 Cockpit

There are millions of flights every single year, and statistically speaking, the chances of you being injured in one are low. Still, that doesn’t halt many commuters chronic fear of being in the air, and on the whole, it’s understandable. What’s also understandable is that flights are carefully calculated mathematical procedures. They’re operated by some of the best minds in the world, and...


5 Things to look for in a Power Boat

Power Boat

If you’re ready to buy a power boat, you need to make sure you find the watercraft that’s right for you. A boat is a major financial investment, and it’s important to shop carefully so you end up with the most for your money and a vessel that will bring you joy on the water for many years to come. Consider Size Power boats come in a range of sizes, so think about how many people you plan to...