Social Media X Removes Block Feature

Posted on Aug 20 2023 - 5:12am by Maria Campos
block Social Media X

In a move that is likely to trigger discussions within the online community, social media company X, formerly known as Twitter, is poised to eliminate a crucial protective feature that allows users to block other accounts. The decision, spearheaded by the company’s owner Elon Musk, follows a series of controversial decisions that have marked his tenure since acquiring the platform last year.

The Block Feature and Its Removal

The feature on X grants users the ability to prevent specific accounts from reaching out to them, viewing their posts, or becoming followers. Musk took to Twitter to announce that the block feature would be removed as a “feature,” with the exception of direct messages (DMs). However, the mute function, which permits users to selectively screen certain accounts without notifying them, will be retained.

Musk’s Stance on Free Speech and Criticisms

Elon Musk, known for his strong advocacy of free speech, has come under scrutiny for his content moderation approach on the platform. Researchers have observed a surge in hate speech and antisemitic content on X since Musk’s acquisition. Furthermore, several governments have accused the platform of inadequately addressing content moderation concerns.

Potential Conflicts and Guidelines

The elimination or limitation of the block feature could potentially clash with the guidelines set forth by Apple’s App Store and Google Play. Both platforms dictate that apps featuring user-generated content must incorporate mechanisms to block abusive users. Google Play Store, in particular, mandates the inclusion of an in-app system designed to block both user-generated content and users themselves.

block Social Media X Response and Reactions

While X, Google, and Apple have yet to respond to inquiries regarding the decision, anti-bullying advocate Monica Lewinsky has urged X to retain this “critical tool to keep people safe online.” In response, X’s Chief Executive, Linda Yaccarino, defended Musk’s choice. She emphasized the company’s unwavering commitment to user safety and revealed plans to develop an enhanced solution that surpasses the existing block and mute functionalities.

Leadership and Future Implications

Elon Musk’s leadership structure positions him as the overseer of the product and engineering teams, with Yaccarino at the helm of other divisions, including legal and sales. The removal of the block feature reflects a notable shift in X’s content moderation policy, which is expected to remain a focal point of debate and scrutiny both within and outside the platform.

As social media company X embarks on this transformative path, the removal of the block feature signifies a significant shift in its content moderation strategy. This decision, driven by Elon Musk’s vision and principles, is certain to fuel ongoing discussions surrounding free speech, online safety, and the evolving landscape of digital communication.