HandEnergy Is Your Pocket Electricity Generator

Posted on Feb 7 2017 - 7:43pm by Daniel Fisher

The HandEnergy is a pocket electricity generator that’ll enable users to create power wherever they’re without having to deal with external battery packs or searching endlessly for an outlet. The HandEnergy generator creates clean energy by using the power of your body and allows you to charge your tablet, smartphone or other mobile devices wherever you may be simply by moving it in your hand.

HandEnergy Features:

The ‘HandEnergy’ features built-in batteries to ensure that energy can be stored and used whenever desired. The unit features a USB port just to charge virtually anything that a user would want to including smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, ebooks, action cameras, flashlights, fitness trackers and much more.

handenergy generator


This ‘HandEnergy’ electricity generator takes a much more comfortable approach to human energy creation that does away with hand cranks.

HandEnergy users begin by winding a starter ring. The transmits an impulse to the rotor, at which point the user start rotating the device with the wrist to keep the rotor spinning. With an average speed 5,000 RPM, HandEnergy’s magnetic rotor transmits mechanical power to create an electric current, and thereby charging the built-in batteries.

Once it is all charged up, you simply plug in a USB and pass the charge onto whichever device you’re hoping to add some juice to.

The team behind HandEnergy originally met on a clean energy web forum, and Novik said that they’ve plenty of other ideas for future products that can generate clean energy using the human body. For now, though, best way to support this initiative is to place a pre-order for HandEnergy over on their Kickstarter page.

An ‘early bird’ edition of the device is set you back $73, shipping is set to take place in May 2017.