Eero’s Hubs Get Smarter, Faster & Now Support Alexa

Posted on Feb 1 2017 - 5:44pm by Daniel Fisher

Earlier this year, Eero revealed a home WiFi solution that it claimed would solve all our wireless woes. The idea behind Eero’s sys is simple; instead of relying on one router to connect your whole house, it just uses multiple hubs. Each Eero hub combines the functions of a wireless router, a range extender and repeater, and you can easily connect them to one another with a companion app. The whole sys is essentially a wireless mesh network for the home. Months later, and Eero is revealing a massive update that not only brings faster and better performance, but also the Amazon Alexa compatibility and slew of new app features. The update will roll out to the users starting this month.

The headliner of this update is TrueMesh. The company revamped its mesh routing algorithms by analyzing how the existing customers use their respective Eero routers and where they falter.

Eero Wi-Fi hub

Eero Hub

Simply put, Eero routers will be able to communicate with one another and with other devices. You can also experience almost twice the speed within their Wi-Fi network.

The Eero Wi-Fi hub was able to achieve such a large update because the company has been keeping track of how each product is performed in the community. The type of data is collected included whether or not Eero Wi-Fi hubs were running smoothly, the memory being used, how hot device was, how fast the connection between devices was, what the other gadgets were connected to the router, and also which ones were having connection difficulties.

Eero has already earned a name for the solid performance, so the addition of the Alexa could just make the mesh networking sys even better.

The next big feature is the compatibility with the Alexa, Amazon’s digital assistant. Interestingly, Weaver tells me that one out of 5 Eero customers already have an Amazon Echo in their house, so this feature will likely get some use. One of the things you can do with it’s to pause device profiles, which you can set up for each family member. So when it is time for dinner, for example, you can say that ‘Alexa, ask eero to pause all profiles,’ which would then cut off internet for all connected devices, and forcing your family members to come to the table. You can pause a certain individual’s profile, which might be useful if someone’s playing a game instead of doing his or her homework.

Eero Price:

The basic Eero routing sys consists of three identical routers that supply wireless access points and Wi-Fi extenders to cover the house. Each one is compatible with the modern Wi-Fi standards. A set of three costs $500.

The Eero routing sys uses next-generation mesh technology to automatically search for best possible wireless signal as one Eero communicates with another. Each individual Eero router costs $200 for buyers who wish to add more.

Meanwhile, Echo and Echo Dot are on sale at Amazon together with other products.