Managing Technical Debt In The Most Promising Manner

Posted on Feb 13 2017 - 10:39am by Editor

Technical debt is mostly defined as a bad thing. That needs to be avoided and must be paid back, whenever the right times comes. Well, that is not always the case. You need to compare this field of tech debt with that of a financial one. That will help in explaining the current similarities, associated with strategic design. After that, the experts will try in listing maximum possibilities for identifying technical debt in your current code. You have to take great care of that service, as well. There are different ways, which need to be implemented for paying back the technical debt. There are certain considerations, which you need to be aware of. Sometimes, you might have to repay the debt or convert it or just try to pay the interest.

Managing Technical Debt

Focusing towards the developers

Developers now have the right to implement some new features in different ways. One way is to work on the way in a messy and quick manner. That might make future changes harder for you to deal with. Another one is the smart and clean solution, which is expensive and might take some time from your side. This takes longer time for implanting and makes changes easier in future. Now, what are the reasons behind sponsors to work on the second topic and accept those higher costs, when they can go for the other option? What are the reasons for them to spend money on automated version of test coverage? Well, remember one thing. Tests are not considered to be features and do not deal with business values.

Value for the messy codes

Even though, messy codes without tests can work perfectly for customers, only when it can help in delivering desired business value. This might even lead to the uncontrollable code base. This forms to be inflexible software product. There is a sufficient amount of messy code, which might bring completely engineering department to a complete stand still. There are different types of interesting values, associated with bill consolidation loans. If you want to deal with the right package, make sure to consider asking experts for that.

Similarities for you to deal with

Technical debt is mainly associated with the ways to communicate with non-technical stakeholders. There are some codes with low-quality service and no type of automatic test coverage, which needs to be compared with the current financial debt.  These codes are mainly associated with financial burden. It imposes currently on stakeholders and not just on developers. This is a debt incurred interest, meant for your future use over here.

More on principle amount

The principle amount is mainly the cost of refactoring the current codebase to clean design. It makes future changes quite easy. This interest is nothing less than the extra cost, which needs to be paid in current future. In case, the team has to work with any messy codebase instead of anything good. You are not supposed to pay the money back in technical debt, unlike the financial debt. At some point, paying back money seems pointless, but experts are here to help!

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