Why The Ford Focus Should Still Be Top Of Your New Car Wishlist

Posted on May 6 2016 - 7:13am by Editor

Buying a new car will always be one of the most exciting moments in your life. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your first or 21st vehicle purchase, it’s a feeling that never fails to deliver. However, this is a major decision, so it’s imperative that you choose the right motor for your needs.

New models enter the market every year, but it doesn’t necessarily make them the best option. Quite frankly, the Ford Focus is still one of the greatest vehicles available. If you’re in the hunt for a new motor anytime soon, the 2016 model should at least feature on your shortlist.

Ford Focus

Here are some compelling reasons to make it your next choice.

A Name You Can Trust

One of the first major decisions you need to make when selecting a new car is to pick a manufacturer. The vehicle is one of the most important assets in your world, so it’s imperative that you feel confident behind the wheel. That can only be achieved by using a reliable brand.

Ford is a global giant of the automobile trade and boasts a rich history of serving millions of motorists for over a century. The US company constantly appears in the annual list of biggest manufacturers around the No.5 or No.6 mark too. You can see recent stats at https://www.tharawat-magazine.com/trending/2224-10-largest-car-companies-in-world.html.

Quite frankly, you can always feel confident driving a Ford. The Focus is arguably the jewel in its crown. Since replacing the Escort in 1998, the Focus has been amongst the most popular models on the market. And that’s not just for Ford; that’s in general.

The 2016 model doesn’t vary too much from the past couple of years, but those subtle changes do make it even more reliable than ever before. You can never know the full extent until the car has been on the market long enough to see the related stats. Nevertheless, the 2016 Focus is set to be one of the year’s best sellers for good reason. Let’s face it; those people can’t all be wrong.


Choosing a manufacturer that you can trust lays a great foundation. However, it’s the feeling behind the wheel that really matters. As far as compact cars are concerned, the Ford Focus is still very much up there.

After 18 years of production, the Focus has hit maturity in 2016. Not only does it offer a fantastic drive, but it provides a more responsible one too. The option of a 1.0l three-cylinder engine can work wonders for reducing your damage on the environment. Of course, the family of new Focus models does offer a lot of variation. Either way, the EcoBoosts can give you an extra reason to smile on the road.

More importantly, though, the car handles like a dream. Variations from different models will impact the ride, but the whole range offers fantastic handling. Quite frankly, you aren’t going to find better from a competing model.

Meanwhile, the new Focus is as versatile as ever. Whether it’s completing the school run or commuting to work, Ford’s famous model has you covered.

Extreme Comfort

In truth, the average driver isn’t going to pay much attention to those yearly improvements. EPAS and other features are just there. As a driver, you appreciate the fact they create a better ride. Ultimately, though, most of us don’t care about the details. If they work well, we’re happy.

What we do notice, however, is enhancements made for our comfort behind the wheel. This is one area of the automobile trade where technology has progressed massively. The 2016 Focus is blessed with virtually everything you’d expect from a modern motor.

Again, features like EPAS will make driving directly more enjoyable. However, it’s climate control and Sat Navs that will add the extra degree of ease and comfort for you and your passengers. Meanwhile, add-ons like parking sensors can take things to another level too. No two drivers are the same, and deciding which items are worthwhile is a matter of opinion. The Focus range can boast them all, though. So you’ll never struggle to find a model that keeps you happy.

For a compact car, the Focus boasts ample cabin space too. The only real disappointment is the relatively modest boot space. But that can always be compensated for with roof racks and other accessories. It’s a sacrifice well worth making in return for the plentiful benefits.


An enjoyable drive counts for nothing if it isn’t safe, though. The National Highway Traffic Administration gave the 2016 Focus a maximum five-star rating. That in itself tells you pretty much everything you need to know.

Performance features like assisted braking and stability control will help avoid collisions. Meanwhile, multiple airbags and other precautions can reduce the threat of major damage to you or your passengers.

Nothing you do will guarantee safety. After all, you are relying on other motorists to stay safe too. If you do suffer an accident, then seeking professional advice will help. You can find out more at DJHernandez.com/personal-injury/auto-accidents/. Nonetheless, driving a safer car will make a crucial impact, and the Focus is up there with the best.

When the wellbeing of your family is at stake, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Value For Money

There are a number of factors that need to be considered when buying a new car. In truth, though, the financial elements are arguably the most important. We all have budgets to abide, and the Ford Focus is still offers some of the best value for money on the market.

Costs will depend on the specification, add-ons, and other features. But with prices starting around the $17,000 mark, you’ll be guaranteed to get a lot of bang for your buck. Gain a better understanding of the car financing options available prior to purchase, and you will see fantastic results.

A great car, at a great price; what more could any driver need? For that reason alone, the Focus is still a great selection for any motorist.