Movies on the Move: The Best Devices for Long Journey Streaming

Posted on Jan 13 2016 - 9:31am by Editor

When you’re faced with the daunting prospect of a long trip, you’ll do just about anything to stave off boredom. Whether you’re taking a ride on a train, plane, or in a car, it’s crucial that you keep yourself entertained. Succumbing to boredom is bad news. Seconds seem like minutes. Minutes pass by like hours. It seems like the journey is never going to end. While there is certainly something to be said for getting lost in your thoughts, sometimes you need a distraction.

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Watching movies is something that pretty much everybody loves to do. It’s a universal language. We’re all able to appreciate a good plot, good storytelling, and good acting. We are able to get lost in the lives of the characters, and that takes us away from reality. In this instance, the reality is sitting on your backside in an uncomfortable seat. Click here for the ultimate long journey survival guide.

There was once a time when your options were limited, but in the age of technology, watching movies on the go has never been easier. In fact, you’re kind of spoilt for choice. So, take a look at a couple of these gadgets to decide which one is the best for you.


These handheld devices burst onto the scene a few years ago, and have become a dominant aspect of our technology culture. Nearly every household is now equipped with one of their own. It’s hard to describe what a tablet actually is. It’s caught somewhere in the middle of smartphone and laptop. They’re simple enough for convenient use, but not complex enough to get serious business done.

The size, weight, and clarity of most tablets make them perfect for watching movies. You don’t compromise on screen quality, but they aren’t difficult to carry around with you. That could make them the perfect option for taking on board. Most tablets come with huge internal storage capabilities, so you won’t struggle to cram it with movies for your trip. Click here for an in-depth review of the best tablets on the market today.


Almost everyone owns a smartphone in this day and age. We use them every single day of our lives. And the role of mobile phones in our culture has evolved dramatically. No longer are they just a medium for making calls, receiving texts, and playing Snake. Now, they can handle pretty much whatever you can throw at them. Whether it’s streaming videos and music, fiddling with a new app, or even identifying your surroundings. Phones are capable of it all.

They are convenient given their size, but this is a disadvantage when it comes to watching movies. You’ll also need to pick up a pair of headphones so that you don’t drive those around you to distraction! If you don’t have access to WiFi, you can download the movies straight to your phone to watch at a time of your choosing. Click here for a list of the best travel apps for your smartphone.