DOBBY Is A Selfie Drone Equipped With A 4K 13MP HD Camera

Posted on Dec 26 2016 - 8:22pm by Daniel Fisher

ZEROTECH, a Professional drone company launched a new Pocket Drone — DOBBY. This Smart Drone is a selfie drone equipped with a 4K 13 MP HD camera. The drone is small enough to fit in a pocket. The smart technology allows for gesture interaction, voice control, auto follow and face recognition. This drone can hover around indoors with great stability.

DOBBY Design:

It is a compact and foldable drone. The arms and propellers can be folded making it look like a phone. It weighs only 199g including the battery. Dobby doesn’t come with landing skids but can take off and land on the users’ palm. This drone can withstand 28 km per hour wind speed. This is the first drone that can hide in a pocket! It’s as big as a 5.5-inch smartphone. Just unfold it, press 3 times on it’s top and it will fly.


DOBBY drone

DOBBY Features:

This drone features a built-in Gps + Glonass sys. Dual satellites ensures location precision, and stability in case of wind. It also features a dual-frequency Wifi connection along with good anti-interference performance.

DOBBY comes equipped with professional flight control sys, advanced electronic image stabilization and computer vision and real time image transmission sys and integrates them into the Qualcomm Snapdragon. the Rich features include:

Quad core 2.3GHz Processor
8000Hz Sample Frequency
Adreno330 Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)
Hexagon Digital Signal Processor (DSP

DOBBY Camera:

It 4K camera is designed with a Sony CMOS image sensor. It has an effective resolution of 13.13 pixels. The lens can be adjusted manually to give more flexibility while capturing selfies. The frame rate is 30fps.

DOBBY Battery:

Dobby has a 970mAh replaceable battery, (7.37 Wh energy rating), which can support 9 minutes flying time. Meanwhile, it’s powered by Snapdragon801 Soc, so we can just charge fast by USB C port of the power bank.

DOBBY Price:

You can find it on various E-Commerce stores. It’s priced at around $370 and it’s really worth the price with the Full 4K and other cool features as well.