A company that specializes in Cloud programs and solutions

Posted on Jun 24 2017 - 7:51am by Matt Holtzen

Existing businesses as well as start-ups are recognizing the reality that in this day and age of rapidly developing technology, processes and procedures seem to change and become more and more difficult to keep up with. Outside help from professionals who can assist companies in keeping up with all this advanced technology is almost a necessity now to stay competitive, to keep in step with technology that needs to become a part of the effective business plan.

Cloud solutions

Businesses that seek integrating Cloud solutions will, through research, find that there are a great many different options and platforms that can be explored. For those not altogether familiar with this rather new and constantly evolving technology, implementation can often be a rather complicated, confusing, and even daunting task to undertake. Most certainly, as integral as working with the Cloud can be for business, it would be in the best interest of that business to bring in a company that specializes in Cloud programs and solutions, specifically tailored strategies suiting the needs of each individual customer.

There are a tremendous number of companies out in the market that claim they’re programming experts in all business technology areas. What with the extraordinary number of programs, processes, and ever-changing technology, it’s not realistic to expect one company to be able to fulfill the needs of a considerable number of customers with the vast array of needs and requirements they have over a seemingly limitless number of platforms.

Businesses looking for Cloud consulting should specifically look for a company that makes the Cloud their one and only focus. Reputable, experienced and highly respected companies, like Gurus Solutions (gurussolutions.com/) offer a tremendous number of services, utilizing the latest, most popular resources while implementing proven approaches that have been shown to be highly successful and immediately effective.

Business customers should closely examine what new modern software solutions consulting companies offer clients. Cloud technology is ever-changing, and business clients will want to know that the company they work with will stay on the cutting edge of technology.

Primary products this company should provide include NetSuite and Salesforce. NetSuite should incorporate NetSuite SuiteSuccess, NetSuite ERP, SuiteCommerce, NetSuite PSA & SRP, NetSuite OneWorld, and NetSuite CRM+. In Salesforce, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Pardot should be offered.

When researching companies that can help get the Cloud up and running smoothly and effectively, clients should first and foremost look for companies that have qualified personnel on staff who are experts in all Cloud applications. Dedicated and certified CRM, ERP, and integration specialists can help the business owner work on project customization, integration, and implementation. Through consultations with the client, these specialists can help formulate the right solution selection. And because no installation of software is necessary here, CRM and ERP Cloud-based solutions can be up and running in no time at all.

Companies that truly strive to help assist companies meet and exceed their goals and expectations take a proactive approach, not a reactive approach, in assisting businesses every step during this whole process, and then beyond.

Effective and thorough Cloud systems companies begin their job by coming to an understanding of the business and what existing technologies are currently being utilized. This will help them to make proposals, solutions that will best fit that specific client.

Business analysts will then dig a bit deeper, reviewing key aspects of the businesses goals, what systems and processes they are currently employing, evaluating workflows and activities, and checking out the company’s resources. With future objectives and challenges in mind, they can then clearly define requirements of the company, and help to formulate a timeline for processes to be implemented.

All the information collected up to this point will then enable business analysts to design an exciting proposal that is best suited for the businesses requirements. They will at this time confirm and validate the Statement of Work with the client, and make revisions if necessary.

Once the plan is set, this company will work along with the business during the entire process. From kick-off to implementation and data migration, up through the pre go-live, go-live, to post go-live processes, they will be right there. To keep the business owner fully updated, the right company will host interactive workshops, have weekly progress reports, project plan updates, and training sessions. All this will provide the business owner with optimum project visibility, aiding them in keeping full control.