8 Ways to Monetize Your Website

Posted on Jan 4 2015 - 5:34am by Editor

Businesses often setup websites simply to communicate with their customers. Others, though, want to make money from their website even if their company doesn’t sell retail products. Here are eight ways to monetize your website.

Monetize Your Website

1. Signup for affiliate programs with the brands you use often. Then, promote the products and services on your website. When consumers click the links or purchase from the affiliate companies, you’ll make a bit of money.

2. Signup with companies that offer pay-per-impression advertisements. After adding the ads to your website, you’ll make money after a certain amount of people see them.

3. Sell add space to advertisers. If you have room for ads on your website, put up a placeholder with the text, “Your Ad Here.”

4. Sell your services! Retail products aren’t the only things you can sell from your site. Offer signup forms for coaching and consulting, sell spaces to online workshops and seminars, offer recipes for $1 a piece – turn whatever it is your company does into a service you can sell right from your site.

5. Create digital products, like e-courses, e-books, guides, downloads, templates, or designs. The best part of selling digital products is that you only have to make them once and then sell them over and over – the supply will never run out!

6. Create exclusive content for people who pay for a subscription to your website. Let them access in-depth reports, one-on-one messaging with experts in your field, forums, etc.

7. Sell sponsored posts. Advertisers will often write blog posts and then pay websites to post them. You’ll be able to have a lot of control over where the post goes up, the topic, and editing. The more traffic your website gets, the more you can charge for a sponsored post.

8. Review or endorse products. Brands sometimes pay reputable bloggers to positively review their products or endorse their items.

Whenever you promote a product from an affiliate, review or endorse a product or service, or link out to another brand, make sure it’s one you truly believe in. The only way to build trust with your readers is to talk about things you actually support.

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