3 Different Ways to Hold IT Meetings

Posted on Oct 20 2016 - 4:26pm by Editor

Bad meetings can hurt your business. Even one lousy weekly meeting can lose you about 300,000 hours a year, says the Business Insider. That’s a colossal amount of hours wasted. Not only that, bad meetings can suck the life out of your team and leave them tired, weary and in no mood to be productive or give a 100 percent to the job. It also hurts your bottom line since sucky meetings can lead to bad decisions and kill employee motivation. With so much at stake, it’s only wise to find a way for your meetings to work in your favor. Don’t know how or where to start? No worries. Take a look at three different things you could try out for the next round of IT meetings you have on your schedule:

3 Different Ways to Hold IT Meetings

Start with something positive

It might be a strange concept, but positivity can have wonderful effects on your meeting. So before you go straight ahead to talking about business and ironing out that current lineup of issues, ask your team to share something positive. It can be something that happened at work, like praising someone for doing a good job or recognizing a team’s efforts when they go the extra mile. This won’t just get your meetings off to a good start, it can also give your team the moral boost, put them in the best frame of mind for the day ahead and help them power through all-day meetings and deadlines. Another wonderful side-benefit to this is that you get to train your team to always be on the lookout for the positive. Developing that skill mean a team that focuses on the positive side of things, even when things go bad. That also translate to your meetings since people who likely see the good in every situation or project will have an easier time at it. Stress is always going to be a part of your work. But by teaching your team to be positive about it, your work and meetings can go so much easier, lighter, less mentally draining and exhausting.

Do a video conference

Want to give your team a break from all the commuting stress? Save them gas and fare? Let them roll off the bed an hour or two late? Give them telecommuting incentives so they could regularly work from home. Then what about your meetings, you ask? Do them over an online video conference services like BlueJeans offers video communication systems for IT so you can easily pick and install the technology you and your team needs to pull this off. You can also count on content-sharing features to make it easier for you and your remote staff to collaborate or iron out a few kinks in any of your projects. With video conferences, you and your team can enjoy greater flexibility over your work schedules. That’s a great way to ensure they have enough time for their personal lives, with wonderful work-life balance. After all, stress can have a massive impact on employee performance. Small Business says stress can cause personality changes in an employee, result in disrespect for coworkers and lead employees to express their frustration and anger at management. With content and happy employees, your meetings and team operations will be that much more productive and efficient.

Take the chairs and tables out

It’s easy to hide behind a desk or slump in a chair. Sometimes it feels you’ve already put in half a day’s work when you’ve only been at work for an hour or two. So when a meeting starts, your employees might not be in the best mood for that meeting. No worries. Get their blood moving and their energy up by losing the tables and chairs. Ask them to move to a bigger area or simply get the chairs and desks out of the way then do a couple of jumping jacks, a bit of exercises and you’re good to go. This way, you can help them shake off the lethargy and weariness from jumping through hoops and tap dancing for the clients. A quick workout can do wonders for their concentration as well so they’ll be participative during the meeting. By using non-traditional methods to get your meeting off to an excellent start, your staff will stop dreading those meetings and start loving them instead.

No doubt, there are plenty of ways you could do your meetings differently, in a way that’s much more efficient, productive and better for everyone. So if you think your meetings are sucking the life out of your team and killing their overall productivity, it might be time you switched gears. By exploring a number of options, you can easily get your teams to enjoy and make the most out of those meetings pretty soon.