This Arcade Machine Lets You Feel Snow In Your Face And Bugs At Your Feet

Posted on Jun 19 2017 - 10:19pm by Daniel Fisher

Koei Tecmo Wave, the game developer in the back of the Dynasty Warriors franchise, has unveiled an exciting possibility for the course of virtual reality – a VR arcade cabinet.

Called VR sense, the cabinet, as you would expect, consists of VR headsets for gamers to place on. It is the ‘feel’ part of the call, but, wherein matters end up less self-explanatory but appreciably extra interesting.

Koei Tecmo Wave’s new VR Sense feels like the precise same journey except with the capacity to re-create wind and “stimulate the senses.” Koei Tecmo Wave says that the brand new arcade machine brings movement, contact, aroma, ,warmth bloodless, wind, rain, and mist to VR. What is unclear is whether or not gamers must surely put on a headset while within the machine, and in that case, what headset they would use.

VR Sense

VR Sense

The VR sense will incorporate VR headsets, a “multifunction 3-D seat” and several other features with the intention to engage all the senses of the participant, with, it appears, the merciful exception of flavor.

3 video games may be blanketed at launch later this 12 months: GI Jockey experience, Horror experience, and Dynasty Warrior. each game stimulates exceptional parts of a player’s frame, so the jockey sport will move gamers round as if they’re on a horse at the same time as additionally re-growing the sensation of “wind, rain, and snow.” Who doesn’t want to race a horse in snowy situations? Horror feel will drop virtual insects from the ceiling at the same time as gamers experience them scurrying round their ft. How calming. And finally, Dynasty Warrior will reproduce the feeling of “warm flames at the battlefield.” Umm.

Koei Tecmo has not yet clarified what headset it will use with the VR sense, or certainly the rollout plans or release date for the cabinet. We do, however, understand that the japanese online game organization is ready to show more at the Japan entertainment Expo 2017 starting on 10 February.