The Healthy Home Coach Is Now Available For Purchase For $99

Posted on Dec 15 2016 - 9:10pm by Daniel Fisher

Netatmo has announced its Healthy Home Coach indoor climate monitor for $99, an indoor device that lets you see stats about your home at a glance. This device is able to capture and analyze sound, air quality, humidity levels, and temperature. Four sensors in the device show these four factors to the end user through a simple mobile app for the smartphones. Each Netatmo Healthy Home Coach connects to the internet through Wi-Fi and all information is accessible remotely via the end user’s account, that requires no subscription or fees at any point.

Healthy Home Coach

Healthy Home Coach

Healthy Home Coach Software:

In many ways, the Healthy Home Coach looks similar to indoor module of the weather station. But it comes out with a new mobile app that focuses on quick glanceable information. And it does not have an outdoor weather module. You will not get inundated with numbers, you will just see if your home is doing fine right now.

Healthy Home Coach Sensors:

A humidity sensor shows the user when they‘d modify their environment with a humidifier (or de-humidifier). An air quality sensor also shows the end user if they’ve any level of indoor air pollution, and the app helps end user learn how to reduce that pollution.

A temperature sensor acts as independent of the thermostat in the end users home, and tracking degrees in real time. A noise monitor will also show the end user sound levels in real time and suggest sound levels that are ideal for a good night’s sleep.

Netatmo has not specified the device’s HomeKit support other than to say people can ask Siri about the state of the home. Data will also presumably show up in iOS 10’s Home app. But Netatmo has not confirmed this or indicated that people can trigger the other HomeKit devices.

Healthy Home Coach Price:

If you’re happy with that arrangement, this new Healthy Home Coach launches worldwide for $99, £99 or €99, depending on your region. It can be purchased from Netatmo’s online store. And you can track it down at other retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Lowes and Home Depot.