4 Guidelines To Maintaining Your iPhone

Posted on Aug 22 2020 - 8:44am by Editor

Maintaining your iPhone’s health and battery life is likely not on your mind on a daily basis. However, just following some simple steps to keep it working efficiently can ensure that your iPhone will last longer, cutting the costs that would otherwise arise if you were forced to buy a new one or upgrade. These tips can be easily implemented and can even benefit your phone when you are not using it, such as when you are charging it at night as you sleep. Here are some basic guidelines on keeping your iPhone around for the long haul.

Maintaining Your iPhone

1. Wipe Your Screen

Your iPhone likely comes into contact with numerous surfaces during the day that you are not necessarily conscious of. When you place your phone near the shower to listen to the music or on the counter as you are cleaning, all kinds of materials touch your iPhone’s screen. While some of these may be harmless, others can still stain your phone or actually cause screen issues. There are numerous iPhone screen repair options if your screen is already damaged but to prevent any further issues, consider wiping it down with a damp, gentle towel. Make sure not to get any moisture in the iPhone itself!

2. Lower The Brightness

Lowering your phone’s screen brightness or setting up an automatically adjusted brightness level can not only preserve your battery’s health, but also your eyesight. Phone brightness can tire your eyes and cause migraines and fatigue. For the iPhone itself, keeping the brightness low will ensure your battery works for a longer time. Additionally, lower brightness can prevent your iPhone from heating to extreme and damaging temperatures.

3. Delete Unused Apps

More often than not, you will find yourself downloading apps that you either use infrequently or for only for a short while before never opening them again. Transportation apps, location-specific apps, and games are just examples of what to look out for when deleting these unused applications. Keep an eye out for data usage that these apps can suck up even when you are not using them and you will find your battery life and iPhone lasting significantly longer. Similarly, you might want to consider deleting old text messages which also suck up data in a similar manner.

4. Clean Your Charger

Your charger is probably one of the places you never check for dust and yet, a dirty charging tip or port can lead to damage amongst other nuisances. Using a cotton bud or a toothpick, gently brush away any visible dirt on the tip. If you like to keep your phone in the bathroom while you shower, cleaning your charger and charging port is particularly important to ensure there is no trapped moisture inside. As part of this step, make sure that your iPhone is turned off and backed up to prevent any loss of valuable information or photos.

Taking care of your iPhone’s general health and maintenance needs, as you can see, is relatively easy and quick. By following these guidelines, you will keep your iPhone maintained and usable for a long time to come.