Sony’s New Professional Wireless Microphone System

Posted on Jan 15 2014 - 10:10am by Editor2

With compact professional camcorders more widely used for electronic news gathering and field production, Sony’s new UWP-D wireless microphone series delivers the right combination of form and function for pro shooters.

UWP-D11-Bodypack Transmitter-Portable-Receiver

“Production professionals are using Handycam-style and palm-size camcorders more for mobile, ‘run-and-gun’ applications, and the wireless microphones need to match and easily mount to the cameras,” said Karl Kussmaul, senior product manager, professional audio, Sony Electronics. “This new series can even fit interchangeable lens cameras to give shooters more options for capturing their content easily and in high quality.”

The UWP-D series components are small and lightweight, making them suitable for a range of field production needs. Three packages of UWP-D series are available:
• UWP-D11: Bodypack Transmitter, Portable Receiver
• UWP-D12: Handheld Microphone, Portable Receiver
• UWP-D16: Plug-on Transmitter, Bodypack Transmitter, Portable Receiver

The UWP-D series uses new hybrid digital processing techology to achieve high quality sound. This technology performs signal processing by digital companding, with transmission handled by conventional analog FM modulation. The result is improved transient response performance between the transmitter and receiver, and clear sound reproduction.

The UWP-D components’ display is twice the size of previous UWP series, with a white background making information easier to see.

The new series employs wide frequency coverage, with a wide band of up to 72 MHz coverage available, so users can select from a broader range of operating frequencies.

An Automatic Channel Setting mode lets users perform channel scan and channel setting functions easily. The Clear Channel Scan function detects unused channels and IR Sync enables easy channel setting by sending information from the receiver to the transmitter by infrared communication.

The series’ receiver has an output level control, so even if the camcorder or camera does not have input level control, users can easily adjust to optimize recording levels. The UWP-D transmitters and receivers are compatible with Sony’s WL-800 series and UWP series.

The UWP-D series’ components, except the handheld receiver UTX-M03, have a USB terminal for connection to USB external portable power sources. Users can also use nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries.

The new UWP-D series is planned to be available in February, at the following suggested list prices:

UWP-D11/D12 — $799
UWP-D16 — $1,029