Modern Print Technology: A Driving Force for Transforming Media Marketing

Posted on Jun 11 2015 - 10:02am by Editor

It seems that a number of so-called experts have been predicting the demise of print for some time now mainly because there is a belief that the internet has changed the way we do things.

Thanks to modern print technology, rather than writing an obituary, there is clear evidence that print is not only surviving anything that the internet can throw at it but it is actually evolving and thriving as a result of advancements that are considered to be real game-changers.

Digital print techniques

Digital print techniques

New techniques in digital print technologies are creating a plethora of printing options so that toner, liquid toner and a variety of ink-jets can be used more effectively to provide higher coverage and a variety of finishes.

One of the examples of how technology has opened up new possibilities is with regard to the use of the latest ink-jet technology to produce not only high resolution printing and the ability to print on more substrates, but it is now a viable option for other applications.

Rapid advancements in ink-jet technology now means that you can create your own design for a flooring or wall covering and print that pattern and colour to a high quality using custom colour formulations.

Better finishes and individualisation

You will probably have noticed that even the ink-jet cartridges and toners that you get from suppliers like StinkyInk and use in your printers are being used more effectively as the quality of printed material we are all able to produce has improved greatly as a result of improvements to standard printers.

The continual evolvement of digital print technology in commercial applications will most likely mean that the printers used in our offices and in our homes will benefit from these advancements as well, which augurs well for the future.

Packaging designers are excited by these technological developments and both electro photographic printing (EP) and improved ink-jet capabilities have opened up the paths for these designers to create completely customised packaging which feature attractive customer-directed personalisation and also enhanced fraud prevention.

If you are wondering how companies are able to use these new capabilities, you only have to look at the impact the Share a Coke marketing exercise had, where the global brand was able to print the common names of people in 32 different countries, with the help of digital print technology.

Challenging traditional litho printing processes

There is no question that digital printing has actually improved to such an extent that it is now presenting a serious challenge to traditional lithographic printing processes.

The versatility of being able to achieve a faster turnaround time on a print order combined with the ability to accommodate lower runs is an attractive proposition and if you add in the fact that it is easier to meet customisation demands, you soon see why digital print technology has the ability to be a major player in the future.

When you look at the evidence it is clear that modern print technology is definitely a driving force that is transforming media marketing as well as many other aspects where we use print.

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