Bring your cold room to industry standard with the right cold room parts

Posted on Jun 11 2015 - 2:41pm by Editor

If you are working in the food preparation industry then you will know that having a cold room that is fully equipped is a must for food hygiene and storage reasons. Luckily, there are plenty of suppliers out there who can offer just the parts you need for yours.

cold room

If you use a cold room for your business then you will be well aware of the importance of having all the right parts for your door and making sure it is fitted properly. You can get cold room doors and all the parts you need so that your food storage or food preparation unit can have exactly the right climate to ensure your business is on point.

Whether you are looking for a cold room in a domestic or industrial environment you can get these fitted exactly to your specifications by the right suppliers. Whether you are refrigerating foods or need chilling storage this is all possible, with temperatures of 0°C – 40°C so that you can tailor the climate to your exact product and needs.

There are many companies out there who can offer a top notch service, fitting your cool room and the door to the exact specification you need. You can usually get these finished in a white coated food safe, or with a stainless steel sheet. You can always be sure that with the right supplier, all the materials used will meet industry hygiene standards.

Many suppliers can also provide you individual cold room parts such as fasteners and hinges of various descriptions, as well as gaskets, heater tape and more. These all work with different types of doors so you can find the right one to fit what you have. You can also get fasteners which come with keys and latch on the inside, or two point fasteners which don’t use locks and mean the door can also be opened from the inside.

There are also parts available such as hinges which suit doors of varying weights and can be interchangeable for left and right hand doors, and use stainless steel pins for extra strength. There are also floor channels available for individual purchase which offer reinforced and ribbed plates made from white PVC. Many people also opt to purchase heater tape which is low voltage and is usually used for freezer doorframes so that they won’t heat up. They can be used with a suitable connection box and are low voltage.

These fittings will mean you can customise the door to your needs, whether you want a handle that is right of left handed. You can get lever handles as well, depending on who is using your cold room and what you need to use it for, so you never have to settle for something that is less than what you want.

There are many types of cold room, doors for cold rooms and parts, so getting one which is right is very important. You can speak to the professionals working at these companies for expert advice.