Sony Announces New MDR-ZX And MDR-EX Series Headphones

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Do you want to enjoy the music, and nothing but the music? Sony’s Spring headphones line-up features eleven brand-new MDR-ZX and MDR-EX models – all crafted for a comfortable fit over long periods of your favourite music while offering dynamic, powerful and accurate sound. Several models also feature an in-line microphone/remote, letting you enjoy the extra freedom of hands-free conversations on your smartphone.

MDR-ZX series headband headphones

MDR-ZX series headband headphones

The luxurious headband-style MDR-ZX750BN Bluetooth® wireless headphones combine outstanding sound isolation, noise cancelling function and handy connectivity options with the convenience of wireless listening.

Slip on the light, comfortable MDR-ZX750BN and effortlessly stream powerful digital sound from your smartphone, tablet or PC via Bluetooth® connection. And if you’ve got an Xperia™ smartphone, tablet or any other NFC-enabled device it’s easier still. Just touch the headphones against your mobile device and a wireless connection’s made instantly.

The comfortably cushioned headband style headset with 40mm driver units assures crisply-detailed sound with a wide dynamic range. Your listening experience is enhanced by digital noise cancelling that blocks up to 98% of ambient sound, cutting outside distractions while keeping your ears covered on chilly spring days. The built-in Lithium-ion rechargeable battery gives power for up to 13 hours non-stop wireless listening with noise cancelling on[i]. The headphones also house a built-in microphone, allowing you to switch easily between listening to music and taking phone calls while you’re on the move.

Another highlight in Sony’s headband style headphone line-up is the MDR-ZX610AP that’s available with a choice of four colour accents. Equipped with powerful 40mm neodymium driver, the new headphones let you hear every note with exceptional clarity and high sensitivity. If you’re using the MDR-ZX610AP with your smartphone, the free Smart Key app – available at Google Play – expands functions of the headphone’s in-line remote control and microphone. Personalise remote functions to control call handling and music playback just the way you want to.

A worthy successor to the enormously popular MDR-ZX300, the slim, light MDR-ZX310 builds on everything that’s made its predecessor famous the world over. It’s a perfect choice for fuss-free everyday listening with great sound quality, plus a handy ‘foldaway’ design that tucks easily into a travel bag. 30mm drivers with powerful magnets bring bass, mid-range and highs to life. If you’re out and about or just relaxing and home, you’ll appreciate a smoothly balanced soundstage with every kind of music.

MDR-EX series in-ear headphones

Sony’s in-ear line-up for Spring is headed by the MDR-EX650AP. The new design features a 12mm EX driver that’s been re-engineered for an even more comfortable fit while boosting sound quality.

Solid brass is used for the housing and newly-widened sound path of the MDR-EX650AP. Used in trumpets, saxophones and other brass instruments, this alloy of copper and zinc is prized by musicians for its density, lustrous appearance and acoustic properties. Heavier than aluminium, it cuts unwanted vibrations and resonance to ensure pure, uncoloured reproduction of mid- and high frequencies. The headphones’ in-line mic cable/remote makes it easy to chat hands-free on your smartphone.

The colourful MDR-EX110 and EX15 provide an affordable step-up in sound quality from your digital music player’s bundled earbuds. They’re also available in ‘AP’ versions with an in-line mic/remote for convenient chatting on your phone.

The new range of colourful MDR-ZX and MDR-EX series headphones from Sony are available across Europe from April 2014.

[i] Noise cancelling headphones reduce ambient noise and provide a quieter environment to enhance audio entertainment. An internal microphone in each earpiece works with electronic circuitry to create an opposite sound wave to reduce wave. Ambient sound is reduced by synthesizing with a sound in opposite phase produced by the noise cancelling circuit.

Key specifications

Model name MDR-ZX750BN MDR-ZX610AP MDR-EX650AP MDR-EX110AP
Colour variations Black/White Black/White/Red/Blue Brass Black/White/Red
Headphone type Closed, dynamic Closed, dynamic Closed, Dynamic Closed, Dynamic
Wearing style Headband (Circumaural) Headband (Supra aural) In-ear type In-ear type
Driver unit (mm) 40mm 40mm 12mm 9mm
Magnet Neodymium Neodymium Neodymium Neodymium
Power Handling Capacity 100mW 1000mW 100mW 100mW
Frequency response (A2DP) 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz (44.1kHz sampling)8 Hz – 22,000 Hz (with supplied cable) 6 Hz – 25,000 Hz 5 Hz – 28,000 Hz 5 Hz – 24,000 Hz
Sensitivity NC ON : 102dB/mW with supplied cableNC OFF: 101dB/mW with supplied cable 104 dB/mW 105 dB/mW 103 dB/mW
Impedance NC ON : 23 ohms with supplied cableNC OFF: 50 ohms with supplied cable 40 ohms at 1kHz 32 ohms at 1kHz 16 ohms at 1kHz
cable length 1.2 m 1.2 m 1.2 m
Weight (approx.) 230g 170g without cable 9g without cable 3g without cable
Supplied accessories Micro-USB cable, connecting cable Earbuds: 4 sizes (SS,S,M,L), cable adjuster, carry pouch Earbuds: 4 sizes (SS,S,M,L)
For more information on the wide range of Sony headphones from headband (4 designs, MDR-ZX750BN, MDR-ZX610AP, MDR-ZX310AP, MDR-ZX310) to in-ear headphones (7 designs, MDR-EX650AP, MDR-EX450, MDR-EX450AP, MDR-EX110AP, MDR-EX15, MDR-EX15AP)

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