Benefits of having an apartment in a township

Posted on Jun 19 2015 - 6:36am by Editor

There is an increased demand for flats, apartments and housing in all the metros in the country. Most of the cities are facing the growing need of a township day by day. The Township is like a mini city within the city limits and has become a major attraction among investors in the country. These can be found mostly in economic hubs like Mumbai and Delhi. Most of the high-rise apartments in Delhi and Mumbai are being constructed within the townships which are mostly situated in the outskirts of these cities. You can find these type of properties from any real estate Delhi brokers. In Delhi and Mumbai the requirement for township is a necessity because of the growing population, the housing needs can’t be fulfilled inside the city so most of the builders are moving out of the city and constructing mini cities with the facilities like Schools, hospitals, offices, Shopping spaces, well designed roads etc to meet the housing demands. There are a number of benefits living in a township out of which few are discussed below.

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It Is a Mini City

All the facilities that a person can experience while living in a city can be obtained within the limits of the township. If you have your property within a township you need not go out for medical checkups outside as there will be a hospital with in the township. The kids have school and parks. There is shopping complexes for all types of shopping needs. All these are in a very close proximity of the apartments in the township.

The livability Factor

Living in a township One will get access to jogging park, the gym, gardens, Football ground and lot of other facilities which enhance the livability factor. There is also the option of walk to work from home if you are living inside a township.

Availability of All Services

In a township all the services like banks, multiplexes; shopping complexes etc are brought under one compound so that there is no necessity for people to go outside. It is like living on a private island with all the luxuries.

Creating a Sustainable Style of living

Apart from the benefits like reducing the time to travel to office, the townships create a lot of scope for sustainable development. There are a lot of methods adopted in a township for water disposal and recycling, harvesting the rainwater, using solar enabled systems etc.

Better security

While buying a property anyone who is investing takes into consideration the safety factor. The life in a township is with all advanced safety measures. Security guards are employed at all the gates of thee campus, surveillance cameras are installed in all the important areas and also all the apartments are equipped with high security locks, cameras and alarm system.

Better quality of life

To ensure that the people living in a township live without any hassle of traffic and other chaos which normal people in the cities face, there is 24 hours supply of water and electricity. There are humungous generators installed in case of power failure as a backup.

Even though there are a lot of advantages living in a township, the life here also comes with its share of disadvantages. Here are a few mentioned below.

  • The cost of an apartment in a township is 12 to 16 percentages more than that of a normal apartment anywhere in the city.
  • All the amenities that are provided to the people in township comes with a charge, annual or monthly maintenance charge is applicable to all the facilities which can cause quite a big hole in your pocket at the crunch times.
  • The township projects go on for eternity to see the completion .There is also possibilities of delay due to fund problem or some legal issues. So it is advisable to do proper research before investing in a township.