The FUJIFILM X-T10 – An Astonied Feature To X Series

Posted on Jun 1 2015 - 10:51am by Daniel Fisher

FUJI-FILM, the president of this corporation ‘ Shigehiro Nakajima’ is proud to announce the launch of the FUJI-FILM X-T10. The latest premium interchangeable lens which boasts an impressive 0.62 x magnification ratio, high-definition precision 2.36 million dot display and the world’s shortest and full of amazement time lag of 0.005 seconds.


Fuji-film’s unprecedented image quality has been created through 80 years of development of photographic films. This technology helps the camera to reproduce warm skin tones, bright blue skies and rich green trees, just as photographers remember the scene. The X-T10 features the latest CLASSIC CHROME Film Simulation mode, which delivers muted tones and deep colors. Users can choose from ten other modes that simulate the effects of traditional Fuji-film films. These include color reversal film effects, professional color negative film (PRO Neg.Std / PRO Neg.Hi), monochrome filters and SEPIA. 

  • It is also equipped with an Auto Mode Switch lever for selecting the fully-automatic Advanced SR Auto mode. In this mode, the camera automatically chooses the optimum settings for a given scene to make shooting effortless.
  • Each of the two command dials and seven function buttons featured can be customized so that you can tailor the camera to your needs.
  • The body also features an integral pop-up flash, positioned in the center of the top plate. The built-in Super Intelligent Flash automatically adjusts light output according to the scene type.

As expected, a large number of the key features associated with the X-T10 are identical, or very similar, to those of the X-T1. One major feature, a vastly improved AF system, was first announced as a firmware update for the X-T1 a few weeks ago. Every one of those AF updates come standard in the X-T10. They mainly concentrate on improving AF performance in low contrast situations as well as adding the ability to track subjects across the frame. This is the first time Fuji-film has offered any sort of real subject tracking capabilities to its cameras.