Six Ways To Ensure Proper Forklift Operating

Posted on Oct 7 2014 - 9:35am by Editor

Forklifts may be popular childhood toys, but the real ones are far from toys. When appropriately used, forklifts help to efficiently move large loads of materials quickly. A single forklift can do the work that would require several people to complete. However, if they are used incorrectly, they can be dangerous. The following six tips will help to ensure that the forklifts are used in a manner that limits the potential for a danger situation.

concrete kibblesUse Qualified Operators

Forklifts may seem fun and easy to use, but they do require skill to use. Anyone that operates a forklift needs to have undergone an extensive amount of training and become licensed. This equipment is often involved in the movement of heavy objects. Because of the degree of harm that could be caused by misuse, someone that is unqualified should not operate forklifts.

Inspect the Equipment

All heavy machinery, like forklifts and slewing jib cranes, should be inspected before they are used. All forklifts should have their brakes, tires, steering and safety devices. Inspections should not just happen for forklifts, it should be done for jib cranes, electric chain hoists and other types of equipment.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Operating equipment recklessly can cause tragic accidents. It is important to be aware of not just how you operate your forklift, but also the environment it is used in. Only operate the forklift in a designated area. You should abide by all signs that are posted in the work area.

Make Sure the Load is Stable

Lifting equipment is used to carry and transport heavy loads, so making sure the load is secure is important. The load being carried should not exceed the weight limit of the equipment. If necessary, use some type of rope or binding to secure the items on the forklift.

Make Sure Visibility is Not Obstructed

Forklift operators need to be able to see where they are going. Having a clear path and being able to see where you are going is a crucial element of safe operation. If necessary, you can change your position to avoid the obstruction. For example, if you are on a forklift, you can drive it in reverse to improve your visibility. It needs to be stated that you should not drive in reverse on a ramp.

After-Use Procedures

Do not think that proper forklift operation stops after the initial inspection and following safe operating procedures. You also need to care for the machine after using it. Forklifts should have their forks lowered and parking break locked. To prohibit unauthorized usage of the machine, remove the keys from the equipment when it is not in use.

Forklifts are fun to operate, but they need to be operated by someone who is trained to do so. It needs to be capable of handling the job and well built. Prolift Solutions has high-quality equipment to facilitate your lifting needs. They offer forklifts, workshop cranes, concrete kibbles and more. For more information, visit them at