Forget About Games Consoles! Here’s Why You Need A Gaming PC

Posted on Oct 7 2014 - 2:43pm by Editor

It doesn’t matter how old you are. Playing computer games is one of the most-popular pastimes that people enjoy around the world. Most folks use games consoles like the Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One.

These “plug and play” devices hook up to your TV screen. Wireless technology means you can play your favorite games from any distance. And, these days, it’s now possible to take part in multiplayer games using the Internet!

Gaming PC

Despite the many benefits of games consoles, I am here today to tell you that using a gaming PC is a much-better idea. Here are some reasons why:

You can build a better spec

To the uninitiated, the spec of games consoles might seem rather impressive. But the truth is, you can build (or have built for you) a gaming PC with way-better specs! When it comes to gaming PCs, the only things you get limited by is your imagination and budget.

Some folks build gaming PCs that have futuristic cases and an array of features like water cooling. Whereas others prefer a more anonymous-looking solution that, on the face of it, looks like any other desktop PC.

You have complete control over the parts you use for your gaming PC. But when you get a games console, you don’t have any choice over its aesthetics or parts. Other than add-on accessories like controllers, of course.

You can upgrade the hardware whenever you want

By their nature, games consoles are proprietary. That means they use non-standard parts that cannot get upgraded. Games consoles run their own special operating systems, and parts like RAM are often soldered onto the main board.

In contrast, PC parts are industry-standard. That means you can upgrade pretty much anything within a PC without having to buy a whole new system for better performance. So if you find that you need more RAM, you have the option to slot some more RAM sticks onto the motherboard.

You can use a gaming PC as a “normal” PC too

When you’re done playing games, you can use your gaming PC as a conventional desktop computer. That means you can go online, use office productivity applications and more.

A gaming PC is still just a PC at the end of the day. Albeit a rather powerful one! Games consoles might allow you to use a web browser or run certain “apps.” But they cannot get used as conventional computer systems.

Gaming PCs are energy-efficient

Some folks follow the misconception that gaming PCs use a silly amount of electricity. The truth is, today’s PC parts are energy-efficient. 80-plus power supplies, for example, ensure huge amounts of electricity don’t get “wasted”.

Displays use LCD technology and consume little electricity in comparison to their CRT counterparts. Wireless keyboards and mice don’t need replacement batteries for weeks or even months. Of course, that will  depend on the level of use.

Games are cheaper

One of the main draws to PC gaming is that games for this platform are so much cheaper than they are for consoles. That’s often because of licensing costs. So there you have it: several reasons why a gaming PC is better than a console!