Online Timesheet Portal

Posted on Jul 13 2015 - 5:42pm by Editor

If you are still using paper to keep track of all the timings related to your business, then the time has come to stop doing it this way and convert to something else. Online Timesheet Portal is great new software which has been designed for your ease.

You can easily set it up without any hassle or without any fear of getting lost. Now, this software is not made for particular type of business. This means that almost all the business can make use of this exceptional time tracking software. It does not matter if you are a manufacturer, a service, recruitment or project-based agency, this software will work for you. Plus, you can link rates to the times so it will become easier for you to keep track of margins and internal costs.

Online Timesheet Portal

Online timesheet portal saves you from all the problems of pay forms and sheets by offering online expense forms. This provides enough convenience to the customers regarding their money and costs. This helps you in keeping track of client mileage and expenses. You can easily record data in several currencies and have receipts sent out from your smartphone in a very short time.

Managing and tracking time-off of people is another great feature which is worth-praising. Whether your employee has taken maternity, sick or annual leave, this software will do all the required tracking work for him or her. Another amazing thing about this software is that it sends holiday calendars to all the employees so that everyone can have idea about the presence or absence of others.

Everyone wants to have their work made easy regarding invoices because this is the most critical task and has many chances of going wrong. So, if you are worried in this regard, then this software will help you. Just through the logged on system, make client invoices directly and add every little expense they have done without having to forget it. You can use the standard invoice template, or you can export to other applications like Quickbooks or Sage Line 50.

How many hours your employees have worked? This task becomes easier with Online Timesheet Software. The software keeps tracks of both the things. It tracks the hours your employee has worked extra and tracks the hours your employee has taken off. All the timings in this regard are configurable with several capping, deduction and accumulation rules. It is cloud-base software and you can handle it from all over the world. So, if you are out somewhere, then you can keep track of your employees’ performance easily.

There is a great customer support to help you when you get stuck somewhere or you cannot figure out something about the software. Also, the software is very strict regarding the security and all your data stays with you no matter what. Also, the company makes sure that your data does not lose as it has several backup systems. Online Timesheet Portal is truly a thing to add to your business software.