Vehicle Exercise Duty Rule Change

Posted on Mar 23 2017 - 12:59pm by Editor

Things are about to change in the world of car tax – from 1st April 2017, new rules will come into play when calculating your vehicle’s car tax. As we know it, VED has always been calculated with consideration solely of the vehicle’s CO2 emissions. But following the new rule change, your car tax will be determined primarily on the value of your new vehicle.

What does this mean for new car drivers? If you buy your new car before April, you tax will be calculated against the old rules – but vehicles purchased after 1st April will be calculated against the new rules. And if you are looking to invest in an expensive car, it might be worth checking out the following infographic by Motorparks so you aren’t hit with any other expensive surprises.

Some vehicles will be hit harder than others by the rule change. The visual reveals the vehicles that are likely to be hit the hardest, including the Volvo V60 – buyers will pay up to £2,260 extra over time following the rule change.

Be prepared ahead of your next car investment and try out the online calculatoras well to beat the tax increase.
Motorparks - New VED Rules