Proactive Chat Works Better For Car Dealers

Posted on Feb 9 2017 - 4:57am by Editor

Live chat software has taken ecommerce by storm, especially in industries that offer an ongoing service or industries that, like yours, sell high-expense items. For many households, their car is their second largest expense and the pressure to get it right, to find something that’s within their budget and something that they’ll enjoy driving every day for several years, is naturally high. That’s why people spend so much time researching and why many consumers are averse to showrooms and salespeople. They want to do their preliminary research in a no-pressure environment to get a full picture of their options and decide what’s best for them; that’s where proactive chat makes the difference.

Proactive Chat

First of all, what’s the difference between the two models you can use on your dealer website to increase your lead capture rate and bring more foot traffic through the door?

Reactive: With this tool, the online liaison on the other end of the window waits until a visitor engages with them by typing a greeting or a question into the window. This system works well for companies that use the system to handle technical and customer support, but if you’re actively trying to sell products or capture leads, it’s more convenient than email but not necessarily more effective.

Proactive: A better alternative to waiting for visitors to talk to you is to go out and talk to them, but only once they’ve taken a look at your site (or come back several times), and they need a push to engage with a real person. With a proactive live chat, a liaison will invite visitors to join a conversation in order to help them, make recommendations, and capture contact information.

It’s clear that a proactive solution is the superior one, but it’s equally important that it come equipped with the tools that optimize the powers of proactive engagement from a 24/7 liaison. That’s where behavioral live chat, created by chat software company Gubagoo, comes into play. A behavioral intelligence system creates a profile of every IP address that visits your website, recording how long it spends on your site and on each page, and recording which sites a user visits. Based on this data, the system creates a profile of that potential lead’s preferences; once they’ve spent enough time on the site or returned frequently enough, the Gubagoo system informs an online consultant who will engage the visitor through the window. Meanwhile, the consultant knows exactly what kind of products the visitor has viewed and can better promote your inventory because of this knowledge. Behavioral intelligence systems are the difference between superior products offered by companies like Gubagoo and those that just sit on your website.

Pushing consumers too hard and too fast is likely to drive them away, especially online, where it’s as easy as clicking an “X” to exit a website. A behavioral intelligence systems takes out the guesswork and tells online consultants when it’s time to open up a conversation. It’s time to stop waiting around for your web visitors to get in touch with you; invest in live chat and start booking test drives.