The Updated 2017 Toyota Corolla Hatch Has Arrived

Posted on Feb 4 2017 - 4:33pm by Daniel Fisher

Toyota has announced it has brought the top-spec Corolla hatch in-line with its sedan sibling with the addition of a safety systems pack as standard.

As with sedan, the Corolla hatch now offers the option of a new safety pack as a $750 option on Ascent, Ascent Sport, Hybrid and SX models, and as standard equipment with the top-shelf ZR variant.

Hidden behind the slimline nose of the Thailand-built Corolla are radar sensors for automatic high-beam, lane-departure warning, pre-collision warning and autonomous emergency braking (AEB) systems that now become available across the sedan range.


2017 Toyota Corolla Hatch

The pre-collision safety system utilises a LIDAR sensor mounted on the windshield to identify other vehicles and the distance between hazards. The system in turn gives the driver a series of warnings when a hazard is detected. And prepares the brakes for a possible quick stop. If the driver doesn’t respond to the system’s warnings, the autonomous braking system will intervene; ultimately in the hope a collision is avoided.

The LIDAR system is also utilised for the lane departure warning system. Which alerts the driver of an unnoticed danger while overtaking, for example. The automatic high beam system looks out for the safety of other drivers by automatically dipping the headlights when a vehicle approaches. And re-engages the high beam when the vehicle has passed, for maximum nighttime visibility.

Standard safety equipment included on the entire Corolla range includes seven airbags, stability and traction control, brake assist and a reversing camera.

The Corolla is powered by a 103kW/173Nm 1.8-litre VVT-i four-cylinder engine mated to either a six-speed manual, or CVT transmission. Toyota says the 1.8-litre unit mated to a CVT transmission sips just 6.1L/100km. While the manual variant is rated at 6.7L/100km. The 100kW petrol-electric Corolla hybrid variant on the other hand consumes a more frugal 4.1L/100km.

2017 Toyota Corolla Hatch prices

Toyota Corolla Ascent $22,200 (CVT), $20,190 (manual)
Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport $23,250 (CVT), $21,210 (manual)
Toyota Corolla SX $26,000
Toyota Corolla ZR $30,020