DAF Further Expands New Euro 6 CF And XF Series

Posted on Aug 10 2014 - 4:56pm by Editor

The 4×2 tractor variants of the new DAF Euro 6 XF and CF entered production in April and June, followed by the 6×2 tractors with second steered axles (FTG) and the first 4×2 rigid models. Now it’s the turn of the 6×2 rigids with single or dual-mounted trailing axle (FAR and FAS), rear steered axle (FAN) and second steered axle (FAG), followed by a complete range of trucks with double-drive tandem.

Euro 6 CF

Equipped with a trailing axle, the new rigids within the Euro 6 CF and XF range guarantee a high load capacity. On the FAR with trailing axle with single mounting, a 7.5-tonne trailing axle has been fitted to give a maximum load capacity of 13 tonnes. Consequently, these CF and XF models are ideal for national and international refrigerated and frozen transport and are also particularly suited to volume and large-volume transport.
The FAS models are equipped with a 10-tonne trailing axle. The double mounting ensures a high degree of stability, important for applications with a relatively high centre of gravity, such as the transport of containers or livestock. The CF and XF 6×2 FAR and FAS are available with wheel bases from 4.20 to 5.90 metres.

Also new within the CF and XF Euro 6 program are the versions with a rear steered axle (FAN) for high manoeuvrability. The new Euro 6 CF FAN is therefore ideal for use within urban areas, such as for refuse collection or the distribution of beverages. For complete details visit Autorevival

Ideal for BDF applications

In addition to DAF’s familiar ECAS air suspension on the rear axle, the front axle can now also be fitted with air suspension with extra lift height. The 6×2 rigid chassis is the ideal basis for swap-body systems such as the BDF, which is particularly popular in Germany and surrounding countries. Thanks to the new air suspension, the height adjustment at the front of the chassis is no less than 280 millimetres, and even 285 millimetres at the rear. Due to the increased air capacity, this makes it significantly faster to lift and lower the chassis and it is also easier to do this in quick succession. All of these additional improvements mean even greater usability, enhanced efficiency and even higher user friendliness.

DAF now also offers complete BDF solutions ex-factory, including frame, twist-locks, and the entire electrical system. It is possible to select between a variant for swap bodies with a length of up to 7.45 m (parking height 1.32 m) and a variant that is suitable for containers with a length of up to 7.82 metres (parking heights from 1.12 m to 1.32 m).

6×2 rigids with second steered axle

In addition to a range of variants with rear steered axle, the new CF rigids will now also be produced with second steered axles (FAG). These are specially designed for applications that require both high load capacities combined with excellent yard-friendliness, such as refuse collectors with a rear loader or vehicles for milk collection. A steering axle with a maximum technical load capacity of 7.5 tonnes is fitted in front of the 13-tonne driven axle.

Double-drive tandem for heavy-duty haulage

With the 8×4 models (FAD) of the new Euro 6 CF and XF rigids, DAF is focusing on companies whose vehicles are subjected to severe operating conditions, especially within the construction industry and special transport sector. DAF’s familiar eight-rod tandem with hub reduction for applications that involve frequent off-road driving is therefore used as standard, with single reduction in the case of limited off-road driving. The 8×4 rigid is usually fitted with a tipper, concrete mixer or concrete pump, or is used for other specific, heavy duty applications.

A 6×4 FAT is also available on the new Euro 6 CF, which is perfect for transporting sand and soil, waste containers, agricultural products and concrete and dump containers. It is available with a maximum axle load of 9 tonnes on the front axle, 26-tonne load on the tandem and for gross combination weights of up to 50 tonnes.

DAF also supplies the 8×4 and 6×4 Euro 6 models in special Construction versions with a dedicated sturdy look— and more importantly, with an approach angle of 25o and ground clearance of 40 cm also thanks to the use of “straight” axles.

New rigids chassis: ultimate versatility

Of course, the new rigid versions of the Euro 6 XF and CF series benefit from the many innovations that DAF has also introduced on the 4×2 tractors: an actractive exterior and interior design, new drivelines, a completely new front wheel suspension and new, even more efficient axles.

With a view to achieving maximum efficiency and bodybuilding-friendliness, DAF has especially paid attention to providing the best possible layout for the chassis. The SCR unit and the soot filter can be installed ex-factory in a number of different positions depending on the application and bodywork. The standard AdBlue tank is conveniently mounted on the chassis, but can also be positioned under the sleeper cab, and there are several options for positioning the batteries. Thanks to the smart positioning of all these components, the rigid’s benefit from fuel capacities of up to 1,200 litres as well as free chassis space of up to 2.30 metres, which is ideal for fitting pump units or generators.

Efficient PACCAR engines, efficient PTOs

With the extensive new Euro 6 CF and XF series comes a wide range of powerful and efficient Euro 6 engines. The 12.9-litre PACCAR MX-13 engine offers ratings of between 303 kW (412 hp) and 375 kW (510 hp) and the new 10.8-litre PACCAR MX-11 engine comes with ratings between 210 kW (286 hp) and 320 kW (435 hp). The average fuel consumption of the PACCAR MX-11 engine is up to 3% lower compared to the already highly efficient 12.9-litre PACCAR MX-13 engine and it’s 180 kilograms lower weight results in an even higher payload.

An optional AS Tronic automated gearbox is available with specially developed gear shifting strategies for regular use over long distances, the transport of liquids, heavy duty use or off-road applications. Of course, a broad range of PTOs is available to ensure that the wide variety of bodywork and auxiliary equipment, such as can be installed on the DAF CF and XF, are driven efficiently. In addition to the familiar gearbox PTOs, a generator option is available on the PACCAR MX-13 and PACCAR MX-11. This is mounted on the engine which considerably improves the service life of the V-belts and makes it easier to fit the generator to drive a cooling unit. A new feature on the MX-11 engine – next to the one o’clock engine PTO – is an 11 o’clock version with a torque of 250 Nm and direct pump mounting. In addition, a hydropump option (35 kW) on the front of the engine is also available; the main advantage of this option is that it has no impact on the space between the cab and the bodywork.

Electrical system and ease of installing bodywork

The complete electrical system has been redesigned with optimal routing and excellent protection for maximum reliability. Furthermore, the electrical and electronic systems required for the bodywork are neatly grouped and separated from the vehicle functions, which simplifies the work of the bodybuilder and ensures maximum vehicle availability. For the same reasons, the rigids in the new CF and XF range are built in accordance with the Body Attachment Method (BAM), which means that the chassis is supplied ex-factory with a specific hole pattern as standard, and is fitted with attachment supports for greater attachment variety and an even simpler assembly of the body.