4 Situations Where a Car Accident Attorney Could Be Helpful

Posted on Aug 16 2020 - 5:09am by Editor

Car accidents can be scary and stressful to deal with long after the accident itself is over, especially if you’ve suffered an injury. With an estimated 2.3 million Americans injured in car accidents every year and nearly 40,000 fatalities, car crashes are an unfortunate reality that can derail your everyday life and cause physical and emotional stress. If you’ve been injured as the result of a car accident, you may be wondering whether you should hire a car accident attorney like Krasney Law or simply let the insurance companies figure things out. If you’re on the fence, consider these four situations where having a specialized attorney could be helpful.

Car Accident Attorney

1. The Accident Caused Long-Term or Permanent Disability

If your injury from the accident resulted in long-term or even permanent disability, or if it poses the risk of becoming long-term or permanent, an attorney could help you get appropriate compensation from the insurance company. Insurers usually judge the severity of injuries by the type of injury you’ve sustained, how long it’s projected you’ll take to fully recover and the amount of your medical bills. With a seasoned professional that knows the relevant laws and has connections with medical personnel that can help prove the disability, you may stand a better chance of securing higher compensation in accordance with the severity of your injury.

2. Your Liability Is Disputed

On some occasions, it’s not difficult to determine who’s at fault in a car accident. At other times, it’s not so clear. If your liability is disputed, the insurance company may say that you aren’t eligible to receive the amount for which you’re insured, relieving them of having to make any payments. In these situations, the red tape may be too complex to try to navigate on your own, but an experienced lawyer could help cut through the insurance company’s tactics.

3. It’s Your First Accident

If you’ve been through the car accident claims process before and you’ve had experience securing your own compensation, you may feel comfortable repeating the process. However, if you’re a novice and don’t know much about filing claims or how compensation amounts get determined, a lawyer could help walk you through it. Additionally, getting professional help could take the weight off your shoulders during an already exhausting and emotionally overwhelming time.

4. The Insurance Company Refuses To Pay Fairly

If you’re going through the claims process alone, it’s entirely possible to accidentally miss a deadline or overlook a requirement. On occasion, insurance companies may latch on to one of these small technicalities and use it as a basis for refusing to pay. If your insurance company has refused to pay fairly, you may need an attorney to find relevant regulations and loopholes to get you the payment.

Car accidents are a frequent occurrence and can cause the people involved physical and emotional harm for a long time afterward, especially if injuries result from the accident. If you find yourself in one of these four situations, consider contacting a car accident attorney to help get the compensation you deserve.