Roav Viva smart USB car charger brings more intelligent features into your car

Posted on Mar 8 2018 - 12:30pm by Daniel Fisher

Amazon’s Alexa assistant has slowly been making its manner into automobiles in current years; BMW, Ford, and Nissan are the various automakers including competencies to remotely begin or lock car, as an example. The level of integration with automobiles has been restricted to the ones manufacturers and best the latest fashions, but. That’s wherein Anker’s Roav Viva comes in.

China-based accessory maker Anker announced that it is venturing deeper into the automotive space with what it says is the first plug-in device intended to give a full complement of Alexa skills to drivers. In addition to weather and music, the Viva can control voice calls and navigation instructions through voice commands — something even the newest cars still struggle to do sometimes. In theory, many of Alexa’s skills that would be useful for managing tasks relevant to drivers or car trips could be enabled with the Viva.

Roav Viva Alexa Enabled Smart USB Car Charger

Roav Viva Alexa Enabled Smart USB Car Charger Features

Unlike any USB car charger on the market, the Viva comes equipped with Amazon Alexa voice assistant. Using built-in Bluetooth technology, it wirelessly communicates with your smartphone, then you can use your voice to get directions, control music playback, shop online and more, so you don’t have to touch your smartphone with your finger for safe driving. Meanwhile, the smart USB car charger can also work with your Alexa smart home devices, so you can remotely control them even when you drive. Its two built-in microphones provide accurate voice identification and noise cancellation.

Moreover, as a USB car charger, the Viva comes equipped with two USB ports with Anker’s patented technology that deliver efficient charging for your mobile devices.

Roav Viva Alexa Enabled Smart USB Car Charger Price

The Alexa enabled smart USB car charger is priced at $49.99 USD. If you are still interested in this new car charger and really want to grab it, then jump to Amazon for its more details.