Why Choosing to Use Only Wireless Phone Services Is a Growing Trend

Posted on Mar 17 2015 - 5:00am by Editor

Every day, more and more people are dropping their landline telephone services in favor of going completely mobile. Others admit that they only keep their landlines around for business purposes, such as running a fax machine. Why is everyone ditching landline phones in favor of wireless services?



The first and most likely reason why people are dropping landline phone services is because of the extra cost. While landline phones are usually not expensive, they seem unnecessary when a mobile phone can be used anywhere. In fact, most people admit that even when they are at home, they use their mobile phones over their home phones. Thus, having a landline for many families is just an additional expense.

More Reliable Services

For a long time, there were only a few major players in the wireless service marketplace. Now, however, there are a numerous companies popping up all over the world that offer fantastic service. Companies such as https://entouchwireless.com/states/georgia-lifeline-free-phone-service/are proving that people can cut the cord and rely completely on their mobile phones. This used to be a scary thing to consider, but with more wireless service providers to choose from and more reliable converge, the way of the landline is becoming history.

Counting Minutes

The days of counting cellphone minutes are almost completely gone. More and more companies are doing away with minute plans in favor of ultimate plans. This means you no longer have to feel like you’re limited to how much you can talk on the phone or when you are allowed to talk on the phone.


If there is one thing that everyone can agree on, it’s convenience. Wireless phones are simply more handy than landline phones. Along with being able to take them anywhere you want, all of your information is just a fingertip away. For example, those with landline phones often have to keep phone and address books nearby for when they need to call someone. With cellphones, these numbers can be stored right in the phone to be easily recalled later.

Ease of Use

When most people think of mobile phones, they think of smartphones. This is common because people around the world are obsessed with technology. However, there are many different cellphone types out there. You don’t have to choose a high-tech phone to enjoy your mobile service. Many companies still make flip phones that are simple and easy to use for people who don’t need to check their email on the go.

No Fighting Over the Phone

Unless you get a landline service that has multiple lines, you are likely going to fight over the phone with family members. In most families, everyone has their own line. Most wireless service providers offer family bundles that allow them to buy multiple lines for one low price.

It may still be too soon for some people to give up on their landlines completely. For those who want to save money and eliminate a bill, the time is now. However, everyone has to evaluate why they should keep a landline or switch completely to mobile. The reliability of wireless phones is just going to continue to increase and give people freedom to live their lives the way they want.