Defend Your Right To Privacy When You’re Online

Posted on Apr 5 2017 - 4:01am by Editor

In today’s world, nobody is safe from prying eyes online; even governments and or the biggest companies in the world are victims of cyber attacks and hacking, and people are no longer under any illusions about how secure their emails are. Strangely, many people do not expect their emails to be private the way they expect their mail to be, simply because they know how widespread cybercrime can be. They’re careful not to share information like their phone number, social insurance, or banking information, but for the most part, people don’t even know how to start making their online communications safer.


The absence of resources can be frustrating for security-minded people who want to stand up for their own rights to privacy online, but aren’t sure where they would even begin. You may have heard about encryption and been directed to complicated instructions for encrypting your emails yourself – not exactly a convenient way to keep every email you write from prying eyes. Even if you are technologically savvy and know how to do it yourself, if you’re using a computer or a mobile device that’s been compromised by malware (according to a 2016 Nokia Threat Intelligence Report, incidents of malware infection on mobile devices rose by 96 percent last year alone), your emails are still vulnerable to third parties.

Thankfully, you can now find services that provide BlackBerry PGP encryption on a secure device; all you need is a phone, SIM card, and encryption service. You don’t need to create encryption keys or follow complicated instructions, and can rest assured that your communications are safe from the prying eyes of cybercriminals, governments, or corporate competitors.

If you’re a telecommunications reseller looking to expand your business into BlackBerry PGP encryption, find out more about how the technology works and start searching for a vendor that tailors their business to resellers. PGP encryption company Myntex, for example, works closely with resellers to help them expand their business by:

  • Providing white labeling to integrate the technology into their brand
  • Passing online leads to local resellers
  • Offering free emergency response, i.e., providing remote device wipes if they are lost or stolen, instantly available through a reseller portal
  • Making available 24-hour customer support

There are other features to the service provided by Myntex that make it a desirable partner in expanding your PGP encryption business, and ones you should expect from any vendor, such as:

  • Their own data center based in Canada, not servers and never outsourced to third parties overseas, so that they have complete control over customer data
  • An open network and large white list that never blocks competing companies, ensuring customers can email anyone
  • Extra protection such as Radware to prevent DDOS attacks, ensuring the service never goes down

If you’re looking for technical support, tutorials, FAQs, and more resources for BlackBerry encryption that will help you keep your communications private and secure, visit their resources site and get in touch with a reseller in your area. Keep these features in mind when you’re looking for a PGP encryption vendor, as they can make the service you offer truly reliable and secure.