Work smart. Play hard. – optix mag161v portable gaming monitor

Posted on Dec 5 2019 - 6:02am by Daniel Fisher

MSI, the world’s leading manufacturer for true gaming hardware, is proudly expanding the hardware possibilities for gamers. This time, we are honored to introduce our first portable gaming monitor: Optix MAG161V.

MSI Optix MAG161V

MSI Optix MAG161V’s lightweight of 0.9kg and ultra-slim profile of 5.1mm allow you to bring it outdoor without effort. The accessorized leather case helps you easily stand up the monitor everywhere. The multiple I/O of mini HDMI and Type-C will support all your devices such as laptops, smartphones, cameras, etc. You will enjoy the amazing viewing experiences through Full HD resolution with IPS grade panel.

Dual-monitor experience is not restricted to your workplace or at home. Optix MAG161V is suitable for various uses: you can present to your customers in the cafeteria; you can have fun with your friends while gaming with a larger screen; you can watch the video on your way home after a long working day.

Work smart, play hard. Doesn’t matter if you are working or gaming, there is no doubt that MSI Optix MAG161V will be your best choice.

Portable Design

Optix MAG161V is an extremely light and portable monitor that only weights 0.9 kg. Bring it anywhere you want without any strain or pressure. No longer constrained to your work or at home, make the dual monitor viewing experience available everywhere and anywhere you want.
Ultra Slim
Monitors are typically thought to be stationary and confining. However, with a sleek 5.1mm profile, the Optix MAG161V is the slimmest portable monitor in the world. This design won’t occupy much of your backpack space and will allow you to bring it everywhere with minimum effort.
FULL HD Resolution
The full HD resolution makes even better visual details available while playing the latest games or watching your favorite TV shows. The Optix MAG161V offers you the most amazing viewing experience there is.
USB Type C Charge and Display
You can start to use your Optix MAG161V through a single USB Type C cable. USB Type C, distinguished by its two-fold rotationally-symmetrical connector design, allows you to connect the latest devices more conveniently and with less trouble.
HDMI is one of the most capable video/audio transmitting interfaces in the world. With mini HDMI I/O, you can connect Optix MAG161V to any kind of device such as set-top box, projector, PC, laptop, console, camera, etc.