Why Software Companies are Fun to Work For

Posted on Jun 29 2016 - 9:15am by Editor

Software companies are known for their unique and quirky workspaces. Many employees at traditional offices get jealous when they hear about the perks their friends receive working for software companies. While the transition to a tech culture workplace may be difficult at first here are some reasons why software companies are fun to work for.

Software companies

Well Stocked Fridges

For those in the tech industry having a well stocked office fridge is a given. From gourmet sodas to microbrews (yes, many software companies let you drink beer at work!) software companies often keep all kinds of goodies in their kitchens. Sparkling water and organic snack foods are also commonplace, the mentality is that a well-feed worker is a good worker and this seems to be holding true. So while you may be standing around the water cooler, your friends working in the tech industry could be standing around their office espresso machine. A kitchen full of goodies is just one of the reasons software companies are fun to work for.

No Time Card

While you are expected to work plenty of hours in the tech industry, most companies are flexible in when you do it. This can be great for those of use who are not morning people, preferring an 11-8 instead of a 9-5. The ability to make your schedule truly yours is a major perk of the tech industry. It is not uncommon to see lights on all night at software companies as developers write code well into the early morning.  Not being tied to a time card is why people say software companies are fun to work for.

Remote Offices

Along with a more relaxed approach to the time clock, many high tech companies allow employees to work remotely periodically. Most modern tech companies understand having productive employees is more important that putting butts in office chairs so bosses have opted to allow workers to work from home.  Depending on the office you will likely have at least one day a week you may work from if you are working for a software company.

Nerf Guns

Nerf war anybody? Yes, to those new to the tech industry this will come as a surprise but amongst software developers foam arrow fights are not uncommon. Expect to see your team members popping out from behind desks shooting neon orange and yellow darts at each other periodically. This is one of the ways employees in the tech industry blow off steam and it encourages a fun and friendly work environment. Having Nerf battles at work is yet another reason software companies are fun to work for.

So if you prefer non-traditional work places, a cold beer at your desk on a Friday afternoon, a collection of Nerf guns in your desk drawers, or working from home a couple times a week maybe you should consider working at a software company. While all offices are different, you are more likely to have more fun working for a software company.  When industry leaders like Oracle’s president, Charles Phillips, became CEO of Infor they combine tech culture with that of big companies and have found that using some of these non-traditional workplace methods can create a culture of innovation.