Steps to Take When Your Computer Won’t Work

Posted on Jul 28 2016 - 8:01am by Editor

There are so many problems that could be afflicting your computer. And it’s always a massive headache when something starts to go wrong. It’s important to know which steps to take and what to do when you do have a problem. Read on to find out more.

Power button

Check Power Sources

The first thing that you should always do when your computer doesn’t work is to check the power sources. If for some reason, the computer isn’t able to receive power, then it won’t turn on. Check the wires. And if it’s a laptop, be sure to check the charger. If you have a spare charger, try that too. It’s something the internal power receiving mechanism that is not functioning. When this happens, the computer is not able to receive and use the power that is being transmitted to it.

If You Get an Error Message, Not it Down and Take Action

There are all kinds of errors that your computer experience when you power it up. One of the most common problems people have is when they turn on their computer but the startup fails and an error message appears. Sure, it’s frustrating when this happens, but it can be fixed. As I said, there are so many error messages, and the way around each of them is different. Luckily, there are lots of in-depth troubleshooting guides for every error. When it appears, note it down on paper and then search for the keywords or codes that appear. If you follow a guide, this should allow you to fix the problem.

If the Computer Turns on But Nothing Happens, Find an Expert

If the computer has no problems with power, and it appears to turn on easily enough, it should be working. But you wouldn’t be reading this if that was the case. In many cases when the computer stops working, it seems to turn on, but the screen remains blank, and nothing happens. When this does occur, you can often hear the fan working and the internal components doing what they should. Unfortunately, it’s very hard to get to the bottom of these problems by yourself. There is little you can do unless you’re an expert. It could be an issue with the screen or dozens of other things. There are plenty of computer repair places out there, so take it to an expert.

In the Event of the Computer Not Being Repaired, Extract Files

Just because the computer is broken, that doesn’t mean all is lost. The vast majority of problems that cause your computer to break don’t affect the hard drive or memory. That means that it’s still possible for you to retrieve any data or files that can be found on your computer. You need to take your computer to a tech person who specialises in this kind of work to get the job done. In most cases, everything that was on the hard drive will be found. It can then be transferred to a suitable external hard drive, and you can transfer it over to your new computer whenever you like.