How Cloud Computing can benefit your Workplace

Posted on Nov 23 2015 - 4:20pm by Editor

In a recent article from London Executive Offices which looked at five technologies that are revolutionising the workplace, revealed that one of those advancements was ‘increasing productivity and efficiency in and out of the workplace’ – namely, cloud computing. So, what exactly is involved in this technology and in what ways can it help a business? Here, we take a closer look to get to the bottom of these questions.

Cloud Computing

What is ‘cloud computing’?

To simplify this, cloud computing is where you have data, programs and other information stored online rather than on physical devices such as hard drives and memory sticks. The metaphorical ‘cloud’ gets its name as the information seems almost like it’s floating in the air, although in reality it is kept within an external data centre.

This means you can access company information anywhere in the world at any time providing you have an internet connection. Also you can often get free or discounted cloud storage space from many internet providers and companies.

The benefits it can bring

As stated above, this can offer you ‘increased productivity and efficiency’ and this comes in a number of ways. The most obvious being that by being able to access your data, programs and information remotely from any location, you can work on the go; which is certainly ideal for businesses that spend a lot of time travelling to meet clients.

Another major advantage is how this can save you on costs and expenses in the long run. No longer do you have to spend money on buying the hardware needed to store your important information. Also by being more efficient and streamlined this way, you can get your work done in a shorter time frame with fewer people and your business could well become more profitable.

There’s also the benefit of having increased security for any sensitive information. You only have to look at the horror stories of people accidently leaving memory sticks or physical copies of important documents in public places to understand how useful this can be. Online storage can be password protected and behind other security measures such as firewalls, meaning you and only you can access it – which is a big plus for companies who need to keep their information private.

So, if you are considering upgrading your business in anyway, it seems cloud computing could be a very positive move. When you do invest in this you could soon realise some of the great benefits mentioned above.