Don’t Make These Vital Mistakes When Buying Your Next Computer!

Posted on Jul 12 2016 - 1:27pm by Editor

It’s a frustrating time when your computer stops working, and you need to go out and buy a new one. You need to choose the best computer which will be suitable for your needs and will last for a long time. There are so many around though that it’s easy to make the wrong decision. Don’t make these vital mistakes when buying your next computer.

Haswell Dell XPS

Not choosing a fast operating system

One of the biggest mistakes people make when buying their next computer is not selecting a fast operating system. If you want to be able to access different computer programs at the same time, you need an operating system which works quickly. It’s so important to check what the operating system is before you choose to buy the next computer. As we talked about previously, you may need to move large files for work so you will need a fast operating system to do this. You should also choose a computer with a SSD (Solid State Drive), as this will increase the performance of your applications.

Not buying a wireless mouse

Another thing people make a mistake with when buying their next computer is not choosing a wireless mouse. You need to go for one which doesn’t have wires as it’s easier to move it around. It can be frustrating when the wire on a traditional mouse constantly gets in the way. It’s more likely to malfunction as you have been pulling it around too much. Therefore, you need a wireless one which you can then use without an issue. You can check out sites online to see which one has been rated the best bluetooth mouse for you to purchase.

Not sorting out anti-virus software

You should also be making sure you are downloading the latest anti-virus software when you buy your next computer. A lot of people start using their computer and then quickly get a virus as they aren’t protected. You can buy some anti-virus software when you are in the shop. Or you can download many free ones from the internet which will give you basic protection. Remember to update it when necessary; we know how easy it is to click off it till later, but it’s so important to keep your documents safe!

Not reading reviews before you go

Another vital mistake that people make when buying their next computer is not reading reviews before they go. You need to ensure that you check out what the computer is like to run. You can check out reviews on sites like Youtube, so you know it’s worth buying the computer. With so many computers around, you need to make sure you are getting the best value for your money. Make sure you shop around before making a purchase.

Not checking what’s included

You should also be making sure you are checking exactly what’s included when you buy your next computer. There’s nothing worse than going home and installing your computer to find that you have something missing that you really wanted. You can’t just presume that a feature will be there. You should be checking exactly what’s included, so you can make additional purchases in store if necessary. Any software you do get on there will likely be trial versions, so make sure you verify this and check when they run out.

Not just going for the cheapest choice

Another vital mistake people make when buying their next computer is choosing one as it’s the cheapest available. Of course, it’s important that it’s reasonably priced so you don’t get ripped off. But you might not be getting all the components that you need to be able to use your computer. Therefore, it’s a good idea to go for something slightly more expensive that’s more suitable for your needs.

Not checking the monitor correctly

You should also be making sure you don’t make the mistake of not checking the monitor correctly. A lot of people go for a monitor which is the biggest size available. However, as much as size is important, there are some other things you should be checking too. You need to check what the glare is like from the screen as this will irritate you when you are using the computer. As this feature explains, you should also be checking it’s got the correct ports for your needs so you don’t regret picking it later. A lot of people are going for dual monitors as it’s great for doing work and gaming.

Remember that you should reconsider spending a fortune on an extended warranty. A lot of the major component fails will occur way after the warranty expires, so you would have wasted money that you don’t need to.