Cooler Master MasterCase 5

Posted on Oct 8 2015 - 5:57am by Daniel Fisher

MasterCase 5 of Cooler Master is exactly a bit more than an ATX middle tower, as it supports over-sized motherboards up to 11.5 inch deep far larger than the 10.5 inch to 10.7 inch that some premium consumer boards usually label as EATX. Cooler Master is still able to keep the MasterCase 5 within relatively ordinary 9.3” by 20.7 inch W x D dimensions.


By carrying handles on top extends maximum height to 21.6 inch, which still isnot huge relative to the gaming middle tower market.

The external bay brackets can be removed internally to make room for an included fan bracket. One 140mm front fan is included, and up to 3 are supported. The MasterCase 5 is factory equipped with two 5.25 inch external bays, two USB 3.0 ports, headphone and microphone jacks.

Slot style screw holes allow the fan to be slid up and down to make room for radiator tanks and fittings, and a second set of screw slots are spaced for 120-mm fans and/or radiators.

The MasterCase 5 has enough space on the motherboard tray for boards up to 11.5 inch, but anything greater than standard ATX will partially obscure the forward cable passages. It is also possible to route cables around the front of the motherboard tray, or through other cable passages both above and below the motherboard.

Two more drive trays are found on a partition between the motherboard and power supply zones. Access holes are too far away for some of our right angle cables to reach, so we used straight cables.

The above as-delivered configuration shows the hardware box located in one of the two 3.5” drive trays. Both the hard drive cage and 5.25 inch drive brackets are removable, and the hard drive cage is re-positionable.

The MasterCase 5 characterizes a single USB 3.0 front panel lead, HD-Audio without the vestigial AC-97 tail, and a split power LED connector that works with both standard and Asus motherboards.

The MasterCase 5 is a great case for liquid cooled system builders who want the flexibility to place additional components, such as reservoirs and pumps, more handily.