Best Ideas for Engaging Posts on Your Company’s Social Media Pages

Posted on Jul 13 2016 - 9:25am by Editor

If you’ve taken the leap into social media for your business, you may be wondering how to keep your content fresh, lively, and useful. Whether you’re on Facebook or Twitter, there are ways to keep your followers engaged with your company so they think of you first. Brand recognition, which leads to higher loyalty, can be enhanced by utilizing the power of social media for businesses.

Engaging Posts on Your Company’s Social Media Pages

Knowing you should be posting, and knowing what to post may be two entirely different things. Copying your competitors is never a good idea, but coming up with fresh ideas of your own week after week can be a challenge. In lieu of hiring a service to post content for you, take some time each week to organize your company’s agenda and make notes on the side for social media content that relates to it. This article should give you a general overview of what to post on your pages.

1. Video

People love to watch videos. Whether they are cute, funny, educational, or inspirational, videos which are less than two minutes in length are very likely to catch your viewers’ attention. Depending on your industry, you can create your own videos, or share someone else’s. Just be sure they are of excellent quality and have a positive message.

Service industries such as insurance, mortgage lenders, and mechanics are examples of businesses that can make their own effective videos. For example, a mortgage lender might offer a quick update on interest rates for the day, or a mechanic might share vehicle safety tips. Conversely, retail companies may benefit from sharing videos made by the brands they sell. For instance, a sporting-goods store could share a video of a famous football player wearing name-brand footwear.

2. Photos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, posting photos regularly is a great way to communicate with your customers. What types of photos are best? Pictures of new products, images of sale flyers, photos of changes you’ve made to the store, happy employees doing their jobs, and even company picnics are all likely subjects.

As with video, you can choose to post your own photos or share pictures from other social media pages. If you have a product such as food and post a lot of recipes, having high-quality photography is essential. The maker of fine foods, hamptoncreek, has beautiful pictures and videos of their products on their social media pages. Their pages and feeds feature not only their own products, but ways to use them daily, which keeps customers coming back for more.

Another way to get photos on your page is to allow your customers to post pictures of themselves using your products. If you make funny T shirts, for example, encourage your satisfied customers to share pictures of them being worn. You could encourage participation by creating a contest, where the most original photo location is the winner, or whatever criteria you choose to use.

3. Written Content

As much as people love to watch videos and look at pictures, they also value the written word. Extracting meaning from photos can be ambiguous, but well-written content can deliver a message in just a few sentences.

If you don’t have an in-house marketing person with writing skills, you can still come up with good posts. Simply share what’s new at your company today, what deals are hot, or some other exciting tidbit. The idea is to get your customers thinking about what you are offering, and hopefully get them to come spend money.

If you do have a good writer on board, let them post longer content that is designed to give your viewers ideas about how to best utilize your products. If you have a website with a blog, post articles there, then share them on your social media page. When viewers read the article and like it, other people will have a chance to read it too. In this way, your content can be seen by a virtually-unlimited audience.

4. Be Responsive

When customers comment on your posts, be sure to like or reply to them. Even if you receive negative comments, take a moment to say something positive in response. Allowing customers to have a voice helps keep them loyal, and fosters meaningful business relationships.

Creating posts that are engaging, entertaining, or informational doesn’t have to be difficult. When you utilize the creative skills your team already possesses, coming up with relevant content can be fun and rewarding.