Xperia Transfer Now Available Globally From The Google Play Store

Posted on Feb 5 2014 - 4:06am by Editor

Early last year we launched the first version of Xperia Transfer through our PC Companion & Bridge for Mac service. We wanted to make it astoundingly easy for people to ditch their iPhones in favour of a shiny new Xperia, as we recognised that a big stumbling block was the transfer process for all your contacts, music, pictures and apps.

Xperia Transfer

Xperia Transfer

Xperia Transfer was our solution to this, it was a quick and easy way to transfer all your stuff (including apps) from both iOS and Android devices, so that the whole process was totally painless – we’re happy & proud to reveal since launch, hundreds of thousands of people have joined the Xperia family, and we’re converting more & more every single day.

So now, we’ve taken the next (big) step in that process to make it *even* easier – launching a major upgrade to Xperia Transfer in the shape of Xperia Transfer Mobile. The new version represents a significant step up, an Android app that allows you to do the whole thing, wirelessly, phone-to-phone through Wi-Fi or cable connection (of which you may find in many Xperia Z1 Compact kits hitting stores as we speak). You just download the app, pair your old phone with your new Xperia, using NFC/PIN Code for Android or connecting the cables with your old iPhone, choose what content you want to take with you and let the app do the rest.

Take a quick look at how it works in the video above.

You can download it here, and once you’ve paired your old phone with your new Xperia you can transfer contacts, calendar, SMS, MMS, Bookmarks, notes, photos, music, videos and apps. Should some of the iOS apps not be available for Android, Xperia Transfer Mobile will suggest corresponding or similar apps for you so that you don’t have to miss out on any day-to-day addictions or can’t-live-withouts…