Technology Creates a More Accessible World

Posted on Jan 30 2016 - 12:14pm by Editor

Being able to get to appointments, social events, and out into the community is crucial to wellbeing For the generation that grew up before computers and smartphones were the norm, connecting via apps and tech gadgets can be challenging, to say the least. Those who grew up with laptops and phones in their pockets may intuitively know how to connect via tablets, computers, and the Internet, but this is not the case with senior citizens.GrandPad, a tablet manufacturer that designs senior-friendly tech devices, has added another helpful addition to its gadgets. The Orange County company is pre-installing Uber apps on each of their tablets so that the older generation can get around more easily.

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Need for Mobility

Seniors need to be able to get around town easily, just like every other age group. Having readily available transportation gives them freedom and autonomy. Because some older individuals have given up driving, many of them would be stranded at home without some assistance. Losing mobility leads to isolation and a decline in mental and physical wellbeing. Relying on family members, caregivers, buses, and/or taxis to get to social events and appointments can be downright tough for this age group.

GrandPad App Adaptation

In order to make using the Uber app simple, grandPad adapted it with seniors in mind. Some examples of the adaptations include a larger font for easier reading, pre-set locations for simpler pick-ups and drop-offs, and a comprehensive data package so that Internet connectivity is unnecessary to contact drivers. There is even a companion app available so that caregivers and family members can monitor payments, set up locations, and help users manage their rides.

Uber Makes It Easy

Uber provides a convenient transportation solution for everyone, especially older riders. All a senior has to do is push the app on his or her tablet and a car will be on the way. To help riders feel safe, the Uber driver’s photo, name, contact information, and ETA will display on the screen when the car is on its way. Cars show up within minutes, which is almost as convenient as having one’s own vehicle.

GrandPad definitely has the elder crowd in mind when designing its technological products. With their tablet and the Uber app integrated, seniors can be brought into the tech loop more seamlessly to live more vibrant and connected lives.