“Retro-fy” Your iPod with these Awesome Dock Clock Radios

Posted on Nov 14 2014 - 5:16am by Editor

If the notion of clock radios now seems more ‘teasmade’ than Ice T, or more BeeGees than 4G, there are many sheepish owners of dusty specimens on bedside cabinets who may also agree this outdated concept has had its time in the sun – and in the dark too! So if you’re wondering about modern equivalents out there which have managed to push the boundaries in terms of personality and functionality, the good news is there are candidates out there that double up as iPod docking stations worthy of a lingering look.

Quest Retro ColourGenQuest Retro ColourGen

For “retro” (read stylish and independently minded) there’s nothing backward about a digital audio device that can partner with your iPhone, giving seamless access to your music library, as well as DAB+/FM radio, and offers uncompromising high-quality audio playback as part of the package. And that’s before we mention the Retro ColourGen’s alarm functions, Bluetooth audio streaming and aux-input for pre-Bluetooth equipment.

The Quest Retro ColourGen is an iPhone/iPod 5+ docking station which provides a convenient recharging option for these Apple devices; and when combined with music-listening facilities and an alarm, this unit becomes the modern-lifestyle equivalent of the downbeat clock radios of yesteryear. However, unlike its crusty rivals that time forgot, the ColourGen is available in a selection of rainbow colours, so matching your style will be a breeze.

Contemporary connectivity comes as standard with the Retro ColourGen: Bluetooth audio streaming, a 3.5-mm stereo audio connector for non-Bluetooth devices, in addition to full Apple compatibility and a charging feature. A dual alarm adds extra adaptability, and a battery-power option means you can take your 21st-century bedside companion on the road too.

Quest Emma Bridgewater ‘Polka Dots’ Retro

Equally fully featured, the Emma Bridgewater ‘Polka Dots’ version is another fabulous addition to the award-winning Retro range. It shares the same leatherette covering as the ColourGen whilst adding its own unique style statement. And once again the unit is designed specifically to partner your Apple device, which is just a matter of choosing a Lightning- or 30-pin dock connector version to match your iPod or iPhone.

Just like its Retro sibling, this digital-audio ‘homage’ to the first lady of crockery has a convenient carry handle – perfect for those nonchalant strolls through the park when you’re on trendsetter duty. Though with this champagne-quality vintage product, tasteful restraint may prove a little tricky at first.

Something that looks this good has a duty to sound good too, and the Retro ‘Polka Dots’ has an onboard audio configuration to deliver on the promise its chic, stylish design conveys. Boasting a 20-watt audio output, this iPhone/iPod docking station deploys twin full-range speakers. These ultra-wide, 70-mm drivers guarantee a stunning full-spectrum audio performance further enhanced by an all-wood acoustic cabinet.

So if time is up for your present clock radio and it’s ready to be put down, you’ve now got two options to painlessly ‘retro-fy’ your life with an awesome dock clock radio without sacrificing an ounce of style or contemporary convenience and functionality.