pixl-latr is an innovative modular system that lets you hold films

Posted on Oct 10 2018 - 2:36pm by Daniel Fisher

Photographers looking for a way to digitise movie 35mm, 120 And 4 x 5 movie many pursuits it in a new machine called Pixl-latr created through photographer Hamish Gill based in the UK.

Pixl-latr accommodates of just a few parts and has been designed for ease of use and film can be digitised using a phone or tablet. “if you’ve ever tried to digitise a negative or transparency with a virtual digicam, you’ll recognise that two of biggest complications are retaining the film in place and flat; and backlighting it in a uniform way. Pixl-latr is the new low cost, simple but effective way to resolve each of these problems while digitising 35mm, 120 (up to 6×12) and 5×4 movie codecs.”


Just launched on Kickstarter, at its core the Pixl-later is a diffusing plate which comes with a chain of pins and frames that could flatten 35mm, 120 film (as much as 6×12) or even 5×4 sheet film to be photographed with a digital camera – it even comes with a small stand to prop your negative up.

The concept for the Pixl-latr got here to creater Hamish Gill (of 35mmc fame) while he found out the shortage of affordable 5×4 movie scanning solution. He determined to create something that would without difficulty flatten his film to be photographed, in preference to scanned. Anyone who’s attempted to photograph negatives knows what a ache getting them flat can be – the Pixl-latr seeks to clear up this very annoying problem.

Pixl-latr Price

Pixl-latr is currently being crowdfunded through Kickstarter, where supporters have already blown the project past its initial $10,000 goal (nearly $60,000 has been pledged at the time of this writing). A pledge of £32 (~$42) will get you a pixl-latr if the project successfully delivers. The estimated ship date is September 2018.