Has Your Smartphone Made Shopping Easier?

Posted on Dec 9 2015 - 1:50pm by Editor

The number of people shopping with their smartphone has skyrocketed during the last few years. Better Internet speeds and more reliable devices have made it possible for retailers to capitalise. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest ways in which smartphones have made shopping easier. The infographic attached to this post will tell you more.

  • One-click buying

People who download apps from their favourite retailers can often make purchases in one click. That means they don’t have to enter their bank details multiple times, and they can shop anywhere with a WiFi connection.

  • Convenient shopping

In some instances, consumers don’t even need a WiFi connection thanks to 4g. Whether they are on the train to work or eating their lunch, they can make purchases quickly and conveniently. More than 25% of adults now admit to shopping in bed!

  • Recommended products

Nearly all online retailers will send their customers marketing emails. Those emails tend to contain recommendations based one products they’ve purchased. That means it is now easier for people to find new items they might like.

  • Secure payment processes

We still hear about some people who have their personal details stolen when shopping online. However, that doesn’t happen very often anymore thanks to secure payment processes. In fact, we can’t remember the last time a shopper complained after buying from a major online retailer in today’s market.

To answer the question posed in the title of this post, yes, smartphones have made shopping easier. Now we just need to work out how things are going to change in the future. Virtual reality is believed to be the next big step – and we can’t wait!

Infographic Designed By Soap Media