Want a Healthcare Degree? Go Online

Posted on Nov 23 2016 - 7:15am by Editor

Healthcare is changing in the modern world. Technology is becoming an increasingly larger part of every aspect of medicine, from new careers using information technology (IT) to the way students learn. The number of online classes for many degrees in the medical field is growing, and some of the newer options are quite popular.

Want a Healthcare Degree

Advantages of Distance Learning

Online classes and programs break down barriers to earning a degree. Distance learning makes obtaining a degree possible for people, no matter where they live. Schedules are convenient and flexible, allowing students to work while they go to school.

Those wanting to enter the medical field have many choices in today’s distance learning environment. Two online degrees that have good outlooks for a bright future are in respiratory therapy and health informatics. Depending upon individual interests, both degrees offer numerous career options.

Breathing Easy

Respiratory therapy is a good career choice for those who want to help patients who have trouble breathing from chronic conditions and underdeveloped lungs. With a steady growth rate projected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the outlook is positive for those wishing to begin a career in respiratory therapy.

You can earn your bachelors in respiratory therapy online. Persons in online programs can earn their associate’s or bachelor’s degree, and those already working as physical therapists may pursue their master’s degree, which advances clinical knowledge and strengthens leadership abilities. Higher competency in these areas prepares respiratory therapists for higher-level jobs such as those in management.

The Business of Medical Information

Healthcare informatics, or health informatics, is the study and science of resources and methods for managing medical information. This particular focus supports medical practice, medical research, and is closely related to health IT and its development. In fact, health IT is a vital part of the entire concept of healthcare informatics. Health IT has tangible benefits, including:

Reducing cost of care
Improving quality of care
Increasing patient safety

Many systems are involved in the science of health informatics, including electronic health and medical records, health information exchange standards, medical terminologies, and clinical terms. For those with interests in technology, research, and health, going online to learn more about a career in heathcare informatics could be a key to the future.

The Outlook for Health Informatics

Rapid changes in health care are forcing providers to make great changes in their use of technology. Such explosive growth and the information involved must be managed, and therein lays the need for health informatics. This field is quickly growing, and it brings many employment opportunities. This degree prepares graduates for careers in a wide range of healthcare industries.

The ubiquitous internet has changed the way people go to school to prepare for entering many different industries, including the medical field. Two online degrees with bright prospects for the future are respiratory therapy and healthcare informatics. Skilled and compassionate respiratory caregivers are vital in these times of changing population demographics, and those with analytical minds and an eye for detail but who also are able to find creative solutions may find the field of healthcare informatics exciting and rewarding. Many learning programs and potential careers await students online.