Canon U.S.A. Announces New Wireless Digital Radiography Detector At RSNA 2013

Posted on Dec 2 2013 - 1:10pm by Editor2

With a focus on productivity-enhancing solutions and high-quality imaging, Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, will feature its complete lineup of digital radiography (DR) devices at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Annual Meeting on December 1-5, 2013 at McCormick Place in Chicago. In Hall B, Booth #7313, North Building, Canon will highlight a wide array of solutions that offer superb imaging quality, workflow efficiency, and flexibility.

CXDI-701C Wireless Digital Radiography Detector

At the show, Canon will introduce the new Canon CXDI-701C Wireless Digital Radiography detector that is designed to help healthcare professionals attain a new level of performance, usability, and reliability. By utilizing technology and solutions that help accelerate exams and maintain productive workflows, practitioners can effectively accomplish more while maintaining quality care. The CXDI-701C Wireless Detector is the first Canon detector to incorporate additional customer-focused features such as enhanced liquid intrusion protection, on-board battery charging, and impact detection. As well, this latest Canon digital detector is light and easy to handle – weighing only 7.3 pounds.

“As the healthcare industry faces greater industry regulation and increased patient demands, we look forward to showcasing cost-effective products and solutions that will help make the difficult task of providing high-quality, affordable care easier and more attainable,” said Tsuneo Imai, senior director and general manager, Healthcare Solutions Division, Canon U.S.A.. and president, Virtual Imaging, Inc. “Our efficient workflow solutions and high-resolution imaging devices will help healthcare providers have an efficient document workflow, which can allow more time to focus on providing patient care.”

CXDI-701C Wireless Digital Radiography Detector

Building on the success of its predecessor, the new Canon CXDI-701C Wireless DR system weighs less than eight pounds and incorporates high-quality image sensors that provide high-resolution images at a low dose as a result of a 125 micron pixel pitch. Ideal for various diagnostic imaging areas and radiology rooms, and built for convenience and time savings, the DR panel incorporates an on-board battery charging capability for minimal disruption during operation.

Enhanced Workflow Package

Specifically designed as an option for the RadPRO 40kw Digital Mobile X-ray System1, the Enhanced Workflow Package1 can help technologists save time by reducing unnecessary steps and completing routine imaging tasks from the mobile device directly at bedside. Allowing users to customize their workflow routine, the Enhanced Workflow Package seamlessly switches between image acquisition and third party HIS/RIS software applications. In addition, technologists can query PACS for prior studies, perform image verification, and close patient exams from the mobile. For added convenience, the RadPRO 40kW Digital Mobile X-ray System, equipped with a Canon DR detector and the new optional Enhanced Workflow Package, provides imaging technologists an alternative to having to access healthcare information systems from a dedicated workstation.

Auto-Positioning Overhead Radiography System2

Virtual Imaging, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Canon U.S. A., is developing an Auto-Positioning Overhead Radiography System. This system will incorporate automatic motorized positioning and will feature automatic stitching, a 10″ touch screen by the tube, a vertical wall stand, and a table with extended range of motion. It is anticipated that this system will be outfitted with a variety of Canon wireless DR Systems, including the CXDI-70C Wireless and CXDI-401G detectors, and the Canon CXDI Control Software NE.

RadPRO 40kw Digital Mobile X-ray System

RadPRO D2-50RF Dynamic Digital RF Imaging System

The highly versatile RadPRO D2-50RF Dynamic Digital RF Imaging System1 is a dual-purpose imaging solution that provides exceptional image quality for both fluoroscopy and static examinations. Depending on the image capture mode and size, the CXDI-50RF Dynamic/Static Flat Panel Detector (included with the RadPRO D2-50RF DR System) has the ability to take up to 30 frames per second (fps) for fluoroscopy imaging, while offering static multi-frame radiographic imaging at up to 15 fps. Utilizing this dynamic portable detector provides the flexibility to perform fluoroscopy examinations, general radiography procedures and direct radiographic projections with a single cost-effective detector.

In addition to these devices, Canon will also feature a variety of the Company’s flat-panel digital radiography detectors, including:

  • Canon CXDI-80C Wireless Digital Radiography Detector
  • Canon CXDI-70C Wireless Digital Radiography Detector
  • Canon CXDI-55C and CXDI-55G Digital Radiography Detectors
  • Canon CXDI-50RF Dynamic/Static Digital Radiography Detector
  • Canon CXDI-501C and CXDI-501G Digital Radiography Detectors
  • Canon CXDI-401C, CXDI-401G, CXDI-401C COMPACT and CXDI-401G COMPACT Digital Radiography Detectors